8 Tips and Ways to Promote Business on TikTok 2021 By Sarah

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short video-based social media with a duration of 15-60 seconds. At first glance, there is no difference with other social media that are also video-based, such as YouTube. However, with YouTube, users have to use third-party software for recording and editing. Unlike the case with TikTok, users can directly record, edit, and add sounds as well as funny filters and stickers without having to involve other applications.

The emergence of TikTok itself began with the acquisition of Musical.ly by Bytedance in September 2017. A year earlier, Bytedance released the Chinese version of Musical.ly, namely Douyin. Unfortunately, because it conflicts with the Chinese government's censorship policy, this social media cannot be thrown into the international market.


In 2017, after seeing the potential of Musical.ly, this tech company bought it for 1 Billion USD. In 2018, TikTok and Musical.ly finally officially joined. The reason for the merger is the common mission, namely that everyone has the same opportunity to become a creator.

Advantages of Using TikTok as a Business Promotion Media

Shooting videos while lip-syncing, dancing, or doing parody memes is nothing new. This can even be found on almost all social media. However, some of the things that characterize TikTok are creativity and collaboration.


Everyone is welcome to share their hobbies and talents. In fact, they can indirectly collaborate with popular influencers and artists.


For example, the popcorn duet challenge when Raisa released her latest single entitled Bahasa Kalbu. When else will you be able to duet with one of the most hit entertainers in Indonesia who had caused this national heartbreak day? On the one hand, this is Raisa's way of doing online promotions for free.


This kind of interaction should not be wasted by both digital marketers and online business owners. Especially considering that TikTok is the top most downloaded mobile app throughout 2020 (DataReportal, January 2021). Until now, its active users have even reached 3.7 million people.

TikTok is also known for its challenge content and memes which will then create viral hashtags. This will be a great opportunity to introduce your online merchandise and business to a wider audience.


For example, the hashtag #acarbawangputih gained more than 87 million views. Initially the @lalaleluu account only uploaded posts showing his preference for pickles or pickled garlic, mixed with Sriracha spicy sauce, thyme, and chili powder. The video, which was 'ordinary', suddenly went viral because TikToker was curious about the taste.

Imagine if this pickled garlic was your thing! In an instant, brand awareness will increase and your product can be hunted by many consumers or maybe sold out.


This fact also shows that the engagement rate on TikTok is quite high, even higher than Instagram and YouTube. Based on Influencer Marketing Hub data, the engagement rate per upload for micro-influencers on TikTok is 17.96%, while on Instagram it is 3.86% and YouTube is only 1.63%. Meanwhile, the engagement rate for macro-influencers on TikTok reached 4.96%, on Instagram it was 1.21%, and on YouTube it was only 0.37%.


This high engagement rate also makes it easier for companies to build communication and trust with their customers. As a result, user-generated content (UGC) is created which is preferred, more authentic, and not just endorsed.

How to Promote Business on TikTok

TikTok is better known as a dance application. However, this does not mean that social media cannot be maximized for promotional activities. Here are 8 tips and ways to promote your business on TikTok so that your business can attract more potential customers.

1. Create a Business Account

In order for promotional activities to run smoothly, create a business account on TikTok. After downloading the app and entering the required data and information, immediately switch your account to a business account. This option is in the 'Manage My Account' menu.


Post an interesting photo, write a short bio about your business, then include a link to an online store website and/or other platforms

2. Get to know TikTok more deeply

The style of this social media application is not the same as Instagram which is often shrouded in aesthetic and stylish nuances or Facebook which seems old and serious. TikTok is full of millennials and Generation Z. So it's important to understand how it works and the types of content that are in high demand.


Remember, TikTok is synonymous with creative, vibrant, and witty content. If you want to present an interesting and fresh promotion method, TikTok can be the right place.

3. Focus on Content Creation and Quality

Anyone can create content that will make it go viral. However, if your content is mediocre and there is no superior value, it is almost certain that potential customers will not feel interested in it.


Make the content as interesting and fun as possible.


Study every trending and viral content. This is important so that your content can blend in naturally. Here are some types of promotional content that can be used as inspiration to attract consumers:

Behind the Scene

Today's consumers care deeply about what they buy, what they eat, and what they wear. Therefore, behind the scenes content is the right strategy to attract potential consumers.

Tell the story of the early development of an online business or the difficult times of having to survive in the midst of a pandemic, share what materials are used to make products, or how to package products before they are shipped.


Not always educational content is boring. Check out the guide on how to cut the right meat so it isn't too tough on the @purakitchen account. In this two-part video, they explain why meat should be cut against the grain.


Video tutorials are always a lifesaver. In the world of beauty and make-up, for example, there are lots of video tutorials with fairly high views. Starting from how to apply 10-step skin care, to how to make eyebrows according to the type of face.


Well, you can use your selling product and provide tutorials for the target market. For example BLP beauty @blpbeauty who uploaded a guide on how to make fake freckles using their products.

4. Take Advantage of Filters, Effects, and Sounds (Songs) That Are Again Viral

Another uniqueness of TikTok is that your online business can be recognized even though the number of followers is still small. The trick is to "ride" on the trending filters, effects, and sounds. This strategy is considered effective enough to increase the number of impressions, bring in new followers, and increase engagement rates.


Take a peek at @estehindonesia who uses the trending effect Versailles Run.

Or the @kwakkiku account that uses Igiboyeah's viral sound to market its wares.

Hashtag challenge is also considered effective to boost sales. For example, the hashtag #samasamasiswa initiated by TikTok and the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. One account that uses it is @tiranissya.

Keep in mind, not everything that is going viral can be used. If it doesn't fit the business concept, don't try to implement it because it will make your content irrelevant.

5. Use the Stitch Feature

The features in TikTok are indeed provided to make it easier for users to record and edit videos. But, did you know that most of its features can be maximized to promote online stores? Yep, one of them is Stitch.


Usually this feature is used by TikToker to respond to information or connect scenes with a comedic feel. For example, @posindonesia_official uses the stitch feature with @emilmario's video. The story is, Emil Mario is running to get the package. Then, Pos Indonesia responded with 'Excuse me, package!'. Funny?

Well, you can also imitate this Pos Indonesia marketing trick. As a result, people are aware that this delivery service is still standing strong today. Powerful enough, yes, to promote products and show the existence of your online business.

6. Create a Hashtag Challenge

Previously, we discussed how to promote a business on TikTok using the hashtag challenge which is currently being hype. Well, this time you are the one who created and launched it. The goal is to invite TikToker to produce or reproduce content to build engagement and interaction.


Traveloka, for example, invites TikToker to join the dance challenge by adding the hashtag #JamTerbangTraveloka.

7. Work with Influencers

If you have chosen social media as a promotional medium, you inevitably have to set aside some money to collaborate with influencers. However, you can't just use the services of an influencer. Study the audience first, as well as the type of content they upload frequently.



For example, FORDIVE's local perfume market target is those who are active, always having fun, and are fancy. Therefore, choosing @brandonlilhero as a business partner is the right action. He appears as ai-ai Surabaya who is always cheerful and fragrant.

8. Sign up for TikTok Ads

To make your business reach wider, take advantage of TikTok's advertising services. Here are some types of TikTok ads that you can use for business promotion:

  • Brand Takeover. It usually appears as soon as you open the app, with a display that fills the screen.
  • In-Feed Videos. Appears in the For You Page (FYP) after you have scrolled two to three videos. The difference with Brand Takeover, this type of ad can be liked and commented on.
  • Branded AR Content. Ads that use 2D/3D/AR (Augmented Reality) filters or stickers with your own brand name.
  • Hashtag Challenge. ads that appear on the Discovery page. The use of the hashtag itself is expected to be able to invite TikToker to participate in the challenge.

You can also add a link to a selling website or other social media in the ad.



It's time to promote your products by advertising on TikTok!


The pandemic seems to have benefited the development of TikTok. This application is the most popular mobile application that is most downloaded in Indonesia, with 3.7 million active users.


Promotion opportunities are increasingly wide open. Some brands have even realized the potential of TikTok and started promoting their business on this platform. Here are tips and ways to promote your business on this Bytedance-made social media application:

  1. Create a business account.
  2. Get to know TikTok more deeply.
  3. Focus on content creation and quality.
  4. Take advantage of viral or trending effects, hashtags, and sounds.
  5. Use the provided features.
  6. Work with influencers.
  7. Sign up for TikTok ads.

In your opinion, what other interesting promotion methods can you use on TikTok? Please share your comments below, yes!


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