8 Tips For Profit From YouTube To Maximize Your Profits In 2022

Profit tips from YouTube is a topic that interests any content maker on this platform, regardless of the size of his profits and the number of followers, in general, content makers are constantly looking for new ways and tips to increase their profits from YouTube.

Let’s be honest, the process of creating content is not a simple process in terms of effort or even cost, and some content makers rely on YouTube profits as their primary source of income, and therefore it is smart to work on increasing it in a way that covers its production costs and provides a good profit margin.

In this article, we offer you the YouTube profit tips that the experts of this platform follow in order to increase their profits and diversify their sources of income.

1. Make sure to permanently increase your followers and subscribers to your channel

Something that all YouTube creators know about it; Increasing followers and subscribers to the channel means more views, and visiting views, in turn, means more profits.

There are several ways in which you can increase your followers on YouTube, the most important of which are:

a) Promote your channel on social media platforms

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are excellent tools for spreading, if you use these tools smartly you will be able to reach your target audience easily (the audience who is interested in your content).

Spreading on Facebook is easier by creating a special page for your channel on it. Through the page, you can communicate with your followers on Facebook and attract new followers by normal methods or through sponsored ads.

You can also create a private group on Facebook that follows your page to create a private community in which you gather your followers in one place. The group will be useful in exchanging opinions between you and the members or even to help them and answer their inquiries.

The group’s presence is important for some types of channels, such as a channel about the field of travel and tourism, but of course it may not be suitable for all fields.

It is also important to be present on multiple social media platforms. Not everyone can be on all of these platforms, but we recommend that you at least be on the following platforms in addition to Facebook:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (useful for the purposes of communicating with major companies and we will explain this in detail later).

Instagram is useful for displaying snippets of content for some areas such as photography, travel and technology, Twitter can be relied on as a way to get to know the topics that interest your audience most.

Do you find that creating successful content on Instagram is difficult? Do not worry, we have an article dedicated to helping you create unique content on it, also for more information about using Twitter to identify trends and popular topics, see our article on this topic.

By promoting here, we mean being in general on social media platforms and using them in order to alert your followers to your channel’s activity. You may need to advertise on these platforms from time to time, but this is not the primary method of being present on these platforms.

b) Activate the notification bell

The notification bell is a tool provided by YouTube to notify your followers when you add a new video to your channel. Although the notification bell will not directly help to increase followers, it plays an important role in maintaining them.

In addition to alerting your followers on the platform itself, the notification bell also sends a message to your followers on their email. The function of this message is to alert your followers of the new content you have added in case they are not on YouTube.

Without activating the notification bell, your followers may not be aware of the new content you provide, which affects your viewership, be sure to remind your followers to activate the notification bell so that they are aware of any new content you provide.

c) Create content based on topics that interest your followers

Your audience is interested in certain topics every once in a while, some of these topics may have been discussed or presented in previous videos and this is okay, and you can always create a new video on this topic regardless of the field of your channel or the topic you are interested in.

Any YouTube content maker chooses a field to be the focus of the videos he creates on this platform. The technical content maker most of his videos may be reviews of electronic devices or explaining how to deal with a particular operating system and so on.

Every once in a while there is a trend that most of the followers who are interested in certain content are looking for. For the previous example, in the summer, those interested in the field of technology and the field of computers and its accessories are looking for means and parts to help them provide good ventilation for their devices.

In this period, most technical content makers are turning to making videos related to the field of cooling and ventilation of computers, and so on, of course the trend and it is called the trend (the common name) may be seasonal, as in the previous example, or it may relate to the release of certain products.

Finally, the trend may relate to a problem that caught everyone’s attention, for example, most financial analysts and economic content makers are currently discussing the reasons for the decline in cryptocurrency prices and its impact on the digital economy.

d) Create content based on the ideas and suggestions of your followers

Meeting the desires of your audience and followers is the most important factor that helps you increase them and attract a new audience. For your followers to ask you to review a product or a certain idea, so you make a video of it, is one of the most actions that will increase their loyalty to you.

Also, meeting your audience’s suggestions will attract you to a new audience that has suggestions and ideas that they would like you to discuss. The new audience notices your interaction with your followers and meets their requests and wants to be one of them for the same reason.

Of course, satisfying the followers’ suggestions should be done with caution and should not be done without thinking or planning. There are ideas and suggestions that match the capabilities and scope of your channel and deserve content creation, while others may not deserve the same amount of attention.

In this regard, you can also do a poll on your channel page on Facebook to choose among a group of ideas for the next video that you intend to publish in your channel.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the channel, videos and technical matters

a) The quality of the videos on your YouTube channel

One of the most important factors that determine the ranking of videos in search results is the quality of the video.

If your video has a good level of efficiency in image and sound, then it has the largest share of appearance in search results, compared to similar videos that are less efficient. This of course will be reflected in the number of views and therefore in the earnings.

b) The keywords and description of the YouTube video

The main factor for raising the video to search engines and occupying the first ranks is SEO, and the internal SEO of YouTube is concentrated in the title, keywords, and description.

If keywords are chosen carefully and accurately, are related to the content of the video, and have a good search rate, you will ensure a better chance of reaching the top ranks on YouTube.

Also, the internal description of the video is very, very important. Focus on describing the video content very carefully in order to gain power in the internal SEO of YouTube.

c) Description and photo of your YouTube channel

One of the most important thing that distinguishes any YouTube channel from others is its image and description, because if the visitor sees the channel and the image has attracted his attention, it will be saved in his memory, and he will pass it again after subscribing to it, of course.

Also, the description of the channel enables it to appear in the first ranks of the YouTube search engine, and also gives the user an idea and a clear picture of what the channel is about, its goal and field of specialization.

d) The image and title of each video in your channel is one of the most important points ever

If you see a picture that catches the eye with a video name that catches the eye, curiosity will surely make you open the video to see what’s inside. This is what is required.

So you have to choose your thumbnail very carefully, and it should be very attractive. Also, the title of the video should be attractive, but it should be real and not deceptive.

This will achieve this equation successfully; It is a distinctive name and a distinctive image = curiosity of the visitor, entering the video and bringing views and profits.

3. Try to make videos longer than 15 minutes

Yes, this type of video is the most important of all, because it enables you to place more than one advertisement on the video, and thus earn more.

The more minutes a video has, the more ads we will place. This point is absent from many of those who work on YouTube, as they put videos that do not exceed two minutes and are waiting for a big profit.

This point is one of the most important points to focus on, while choosing the videos to be placed on the channel.

But what I would like to point out here; Do not make verbiage or artificial lengthening your way to get long videos.

A note and update on this point: After the advent of Tik Tok and later YouTube Shorts and Facebook Rails, many Internet users love short short videos, so you can always make short versions of your long videos.

In this case, you will benefit from two aspects:

  • You can note that the video with a detailed explanation is on your YouTube channel, thus attracting more views to the long video.
  • You can earn from short videos independently.

4. Communicate with companies to promote their products

The most important tips for profit from YouTube is to diversify its sources continuously and promote products is the most important of these sources. There are a large number of content creators promoting many products, some of which have nothing to do with the content field of their YouTube channels.

Promotion of companies’ products can be done through your endeavor to communicate with these companies and provide them with an appropriate promotional offer. There are companies that are looking for promoters and influencers in the content industry related to their products to promote and communicate with them.

However, due to the large number of content makers, not all companies search for promoters, but rather provide ways to join the programs to promote their products. The methods may vary between registering in a special program, filling out a form, or communicating through a social media platform.

LinkedIn is the most important social networking platform that you should be on when it comes to communicating with major companies. Your presence on this platform will make it easier for you to communicate with international companies to market their products.

Of course, the more product you promote and pay your viewers to buy related to your channel, the better, but this method is also profitable.

Sometimes you communicate with certain companies to promote their products in exchange for a specific amount of money or a percentage of the sales made through you.

Both profit methods have drawbacks and advantages with regard to the effort required to implement or the amount of profit earned from them.

When you get a certain amount for promotion, you won’t bother keeping track of the purchases made through you, however your promotion of these products may result in large sales that are not commensurate with the amount you received.

Getting a percentage of sales means getting a balanced reward for your effort in the promotion process, however this method requires more effort to achieve an acceptable profit.

An important point when it comes to promoting or communicating with companies’ products is the number of subscribers and popularity of your channel. Some companies require a certain number of followers and views to allow you to promote or advertise their products.

Try to know the companies’ conditions and demands before contacting them to avoid having your application rejected. Of course, you can apply for promotion more than once or after you get the right number of subscribers and followers.

5. Enable paid subscriptions

YouTube launched a paid subscription system in which the subscriber pays a certain amount to the content owners in exchange for some features. The number of features, their details, and even their price varies from channel to channel, but its main goal is to support the content creator financially.

Most channels offer three levels of paid subscriptions, and they are free to price and name each level. The first level is the lowest in price and usually does not offer advantages to the subscriber, as it aims only to support the content creator.

The second and third levels offer a set of badges and icons that show the subscriber’s support to the owner of the channel. Subscribing to the third level gives subscribers exclusive advantages such as the priority of having their questions answered by the owner of the channel and sometimes they get exclusive content.

Subscriptions are an important new profit method that can be formed in proportion to the field of your channel and the nature of its subscribers. If your audience finds that you provide useful content to them, they will subscribe to one of the levels in order to support you financially only out of gratitude from them for the content you provide.

Finally, the absence of pricing conditions by YouTube gives you the freedom to price your channel subscriptions, but you must use them carefully. Do not overprice subscriptions at any level, and always try to match the pricing with the value of the benefits the subscription offers.

It is also useful to be guided by the subscription prices that YouTube may suggest to you, as they are usually determined based on the analysis of your followers.

6. Try subscribing to Patreon

Before YouTube launched its own subscription system, most content creation relied on Patreon.

Patreon is the most important platform to financially support content creators in various fields.

The content creator creates an account on the platform and adds his link in the description of the video on YouTube. Through this link, he can receive sums of money from his audience, which of course will appear on his account on the platform.

Patreon offers several plans that you, as a content creator, can sign up for. Of course, the prices of the plans vary among themselves, as well as the advantages they offer to content creators and their audience.

Some see Patreon as suitable for certain fields, such as areas related to creative arts and writing, this may be true, especially since it is not directly linked to the YouTube platform, but this is not a bad thing.

Your audience and followers on YouTube always care that you continue to create content. Some of the videos you make can be expensive to produce, especially those that rely on expensive equipment and technology or purchase products to review and rate.

It is a good idea to involve your followers in some of the details of your content production process. Knowing your audience in detail about the process of creating these videos and the costs incurred in bringing them to light will encourage them to support you financially to continue creating them.

Of course, subscribing to Patreon is optional and not all content creators do and may not be suitable for some areas, however we advise you to review it and consider it as a way through which you can make reasonable profits or at least cover the costs of creating your content.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Profiting through affiliate marketing is the second most popular and reliable way to make a profit from YouTube after ads. It is true that the previous points included some forms of commission marketing, but we did not touch on the most famous methods of this method of profit.

There is a misconception that most of the products that can be profited through marketing are limited to certain areas. It is true that the technical field, for example, contains a large number of diverse products, but this does not mean that the profit from this method is limited to this field or others.

You can profit by marketing whatever product you use or don’t use, you just have to do it smart. Currently, most of the YouTube audience knows that all content makers market certain products, and they profit from them when the audience buys or subscribes to them.

This knowledge should prompt you to be honest in promoting products and consider the following factors:

  • Market useful products to your audience even if they are far from your channel’s content field.
  • Present the advantages and disadvantages of the products objectively.
  • Explain to your followers that buying them from your links will benefit you and provide you with financial support.
  • Don’t push your audience to buy with crooked or illegal methods.
  • Notify before marketing (either verbally or via video segmentation) the products in your videos to give your followers the freedom to skip the promotion.

Dividing the video time into titled clips that appear next to it, or timestamps, is a good way to illustrate the contents of the video. Also, through this method, your followers can know the part in which you will be promoting the products and skip or watch it.

In general, dividing your videos gives them an organized view and a professional look, so we recommend using it always.

Of course, marketing products related to your channel field increases the likelihood of your audience interacting with a purchase or subscription, however, you can market any product in the appropriate way by following the previous tips.

8. Sell products to your audience

This method may seem similar to the method of profit through affiliate marketing, but it is completely different from it. Profit in this method is made by selling products that you already own, and although it is not popular among content makers in the Arab world, it is profitable.

The products sold by most content makers around the world are mostly ordinary and simple products, some sell some products that have the channel logo or the brand of their affiliated products.

Followers buy these products most often for two reasons:

  • Show that they belong to the community of this channel.
  • Provide financial support to content creators to encourage them to continue presenting their ideas.

Of course, some subscribers buy these products because they really need them in addition to the previous reasons, but this is a secondary reason. Most of the products that content creators offer in this idea are relatively simple and cheap products.

The products that you can sell to your audience are not limited to a particular category, some you can choose products that work for everyone such as T-shirts and mugs, however there are areas that may actually offer more diverse products.

For example, the content makers of handicrafts can sell the crafts that they explain how to make to their followers, the examples are many and the products are diverse, and the only condition for the success of this method is to offer the products you own at a price that suits your audience.


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