8 useful properties of green tea

Natural drinks have always been very popular among adherents of a healthy lifestyle. For example, fresh orange juice helps to normalize blood pressure, and green tea has a number of advantages and useful properties.

Ketan Desai from Britain claims that the herbal drink has 8 non-obvious advantages that affect health. By itself, tea is made from leaves that do not undergo oxidation. It is for this reason that polyphenols and useful antioxidants are present in such a drink. Green tea is also recommended to drink during a diet, as it is less caloric and also contains less caffeine than black tea or coffee.

* Desai attributed to the main useful properties of leafy green tea:

* The ability to burn excess fat thanks to caffeine and catechin;

* Effectiveness in weight loss;

* Prevention of oncology due to the presence of antioxidants;

* Effectiveness in the fight against high cholesterol and blood sugar;

* Prevention of type 2 diabetes;

* Bacterial properties;

* Activation of certain brain functions, for example, speed of reaction, increased productivity and increased mood;

* Protection against osteoporosis

Of course, it is not worth drinking ten cups of such tea a day, since moderation is important in any business. Desai recommended limiting yourself to 3-5 cups of drink a day. It is best to introduce the habit of taking a tea break at least twice a day. This will allow you to maintain optimal health of the entire body. However, tea alone will not be enough, so to keep the body in good shape, you should not forget about exercise and healthy eating.

The tea sommelier reminded that when abusing green tea, a person may face a number of side effects. These usually include sleep problems, severe dehydration, nervousness, as well as headache and stomach problems. The latter becomes relevant if you drink tea on an empty stomach.


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