8 ways to speed up your metabolism

Metabolism is a chemical process that constantly occurs in the body to maintain normal organ function, repair cells, and digest food. Our body needs energy to carry out all of these metabolic processes, hence the concept of basic metabolic rate. This is the amount of calories that our body uses to simply maintain the usual vital functions. According to the experts, there are several ways to shift the energy balance towards energy expenditure (which means, lose weight and say goodbye to the hated extra pounds gained for isolation) and speed up metabolism.

We all have different metabolisms. That is why one person can gobble up burger after burger and not add a single gram, while the second will choke on lettuce and scrupulously count calories so as not to gain weight. Why this is so, explained Will Wong, a researcher and professor at the Johns Hopkins Metabolism and Obesity Research Center.

It turns out that metabolic rate depends on the amount of muscle and fat tissue in the body, age and genetics (although researchers do not know why metabolic rates can differ among members of the same family).

Gender also matters, because women with any body composition and at any age burn fewer calories than men. Jensen explains that for women, "both hormones and menstrual cycles matter: some women with a higher metabolic rate during the second half of their cycle (luteal phase) increase their resting metabolic rate by 10%."

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Meticore is a diet tablet that raises your body temperature to speed up your metabolism. This is the process of losing weight faster and more consistently. Our capacity to maintain an effective core temperature declines as we get older. There is a lot of data to back up the idea that metabolism and core body temperature are linked. The metabolism slows down and performs less efficiently when the body's core temperature is low.

Moreover, from the age of 18, the metabolic rate is constantly decreasing. Why this is happening, the researchers do not yet know for sure.

Why energy decreases with age, even if you don't change otherwise, is one of the biggest mysteries.

- says the expert.

And, of course, there is no pill, supplement, or miracle powder that can speed up your metabolism.

Choose the right breakfast

There is still controversy surrounding the idea of ​​whether the right breakfast is really the secret to losing weight. Rather than worrying too much about serving size, it's best to take a closer look at what's on the plate. A study by the American Heart Association found that for breakfast it is better to eat foods with a low glycemic index (and therefore low in sugar) and high in protein. It can be scrambled eggs and chicken (yes, for breakfast) or just an omelet.

Lean meats, fish, and eggs, which contain iron, vitamin D, omega-3s and amino acids, all speed up your metabolism. Not to mention, the lack of these micronutrients, on the contrary, slows down the metabolism.

For best results, eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. It increases sensitivity to leptin (an energy-regulating hormone) and has been shown to speed up metabolism.

Do cardio (but incline)

When it comes to basic cardio, calories are burned only when you exercise in the gym (that is, you should not expect a prolonged effect). Strength training and HIIT, on the other hand, will keep your metabolism high for hours after your workout. To enhance the effect, experts recommend, for example, walking on a treadmill, but with an incline. They are confident that this will be more effective for boosting metabolism than a grueling HIIT workout.

A study by the UK's National Health Service found that leaning (moving up and down on a treadmill, like running up hills) can speed up your metabolism.

Drink green tea

Yes, we understand that in the morning the hand reaches for coffee, but nutritionists advise to give preference to green tea. It is rich in antioxidants and a component with a difficult to pronounce name epigallocatechin gallate. This ingredient speeds up the metabolism.

Since high cortisol levels caused by excessive caffeine intake are more likely to lead to extra centimeters around the waist, avoid all carbonated and high-calorie coffee drinks.

- experts say.

Eat More Fiber

Increasing your fiber intake to 30 grams per day can be as effective for weight loss as counting calories. How so? Well, according to Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.D., eating a diet rich in high-fiber foods boosts your metabolism. The thing is that fiber takes a long time to be digested.

There are two types of fiber: soluble fiber, which absorbs water during digestion and helps us stay full longer, and insoluble fiber, which simply passes through our digestive tract to help us digest food.

When trying to digest fiber, the body actually expends more calories than digesting other foods. Therefore, on translation arying foods high in fiber you spend more calories than refined carbohydrates,

- explains the expert.

Foods high in insoluble fiber include wheat bran, beans, cauliflower, and apples. Soluble fiber is found in brown rice, oat bran, and artichokes, among other foods. You can find a table of all soluble and insoluble dietary fiber on the internet.

Indigestible dietary fiber (inulin, guar, alginates) creates the illusion of satiety. At the same time, they protect against toxins, restore microflora, slow down the absorption of fats and carbohydrates,

- say nutritionists.

Build muscle mass

As we mentioned earlier, strength training is the key to burning more fat at rest. Strong muscles are your ally in boosting your metabolism. HIIT workouts burn fat for about eight hours after activity ends. Strength training is all about building muscle.

Muscle is a more costly tissue to maintain in comparison with subcutaneous fat. The more muscle mass, the more energy you expend even at rest,

- experts assure.

In general, men are believed to have a faster metabolism because they have more muscle mass - and less fat than women. Therefore, their daily calorie intake is higher.

Drink less alcohol

The fact that alcohol is harmful to the body is not news. But do you know how negatively it affects metabolism? Failure to resist the temptation to drink alcohol at dinner can affect your metabolism. Most of these drinks contain too much sugar and prevent the body from burning calories quickly.

Nutritionists say that drinking water is of paramount importance to boost your metabolic rate. Experts believe that drinking 500 milliliters of water increases your metabolic rate by 30%. The fact is that water helps the body to absorb food, and also prevents overeating (since thirst is often mistaken for hunger).

Buy Meticore

Look no farther than Meticore if you're seeking for a supplement that supports a healthy metabolism as well as natural fat burning and weight reduction. This supplement is specially created with strong superfoods to boost metabolism, which is sometimes hampered by a drop in core body temperature as people become older.

Heat is created within the body by increasing cellular temperatures and cell activity, which stimulates and accelerates the metabolism. Use Meticore in conjunction with fat-burning lifestyle behaviors like balanced eating and regular exercise to achieve the greatest benefits.

Meticore is a daily pill that boosts the metabolism and improves energy while also promoting fat reduction. A healthy metabolism burns calories for energy rather than storing them as fat.

Though there are many scams and low-quality fat burners on the market, Meticore is not one of them. This product helps to raise low core body temperatures while also correcting hormonal imbalances that make losing weight and keeping it off long-term difficult.

Meticore is a diet tablet that raises your body temperature to speed up your metabolism. This is the process of losing weight faster and more consistently. Our capacity to maintain an effective core temperature declines as we get older. There is a lot of data to back up the idea that metabolism and core body temperature are linked. The metabolism slows down and performs less efficiently when the body's core temperature is low.

Both men and women can improve their core body temperature by taking the supplement on a daily basis, according to Meticore. Each pill includes six potent, high-quality nutrients that boost metabolism by raising internal body temperature. If you're having trouble losing weight, this might be the vitamin you've been missing from your daily routine.

It's crucial to remember that Meticore isn't a magic bullet. If you continue to consume a high-calorie diet and exercise seldom or not at all, you will not lose weight or burn fat. While Meticore will help to wake up a dormant metabolism and aid digestion, it won't function unless it's used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep more

Sleep controls the level of hormones that affect metabolism. A study titled The Role of Sleep Time in Regulating Glucose Metabolism and Appetite showed that sleep deprivation can affect glucose and hormones involved in metabolic regulation, that is, lower levels of leptin (a hormone that reduce appetite) or higher levels of ghrelin (a hormone that increases appetite). The solution is simple: get the recommended eight hours a night.

Do not be nervous

While it is difficult for all of us to remain calm and positive during these stressful times, it is worth remembering that stress interferes with normal metabolism. A study called Daily Stress Factors, Depression, and Metabolic Responses to High-Fat Foods: A New Pathway to Obesity found that women who were very nervous the day before a high-fat meal burned fewer calories after eating. And chronic stress is directly linked to long-term fat storage and weight gain.


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