87 fun activities for young children

101 fun activities for young children

Simple games and useful activities for developing essential skills for children under 3 years of age

101 fun things to do with young kids 

Not sure what else you can do with your baby? Consider a few simple activities that are good for kids under 3 years old and help them develop essential skills. Just let your child lead the game and watch and follow their instructions.


Here are some activities you can do with young children.


1. Color rice and make a sensory box.


2. play doctor.


3. Draw with paint with your fingers.


4. Sprinkle flour on the table and draw shapes on it.


5. Make musical instruments with your own hands.


6. Jump into a pile of leaves.


7. Make a smiley face out of sliced vegetable pieces as you make a salad.


8. Make dinner together.


9. Play store.


10. Make a slice.


11. Draw with chalk on the pavement.


12. Feed the birds.


13. Build a tower of pillows.


14. Observe an ant hill.


15. Sort the laundry.


16. Play toy musical instruments.


17. Grab a sheet and play team games.


18. Roll down a hill on the grass.


19. Collect rocks.


20. Blow soap bubbles and let the baby catch them.


21. Play car wash.


22. Draw with water. Use a special mat for this.


23. Take your child with you to the store and buy groceries for dinner.


24. Play cook. Cook imaginary dishes from sand, leaves, etc.


25. Take a walk in the park.


26. Visit grandparents and other relatives.


27. Play word games.


28. Make soap bubbles with your own hands.


29. Use pots and pans as musical instruments and play them.


30. Take your child to the pet store.


31. Solve simple puzzles.


32. Inflate balloons and play with them.


33. Paint pebbles.


34. Play with dolls or soft toys.


35. Play hide-and-seek.


36. Walk through puddles in rubber boots.


37. Make a milkshake together. Let your child press the blender buttons.


38. Make a tunnel out of chairs and blankets and walk through it.


39. Play with a flashlight.


40. Make a quest: as you walk, look for objects of different colors.


41. Give a child a magnet and let him explore what objects he can attract.


42. Show your child an experience with a balloon and static electricity.


43. Play a game where the child closes his eyes and guesses by touch which object he is holding.


44. Play attention games with your child.


45. Play airplane pilots.


46. Build towers out of food trays.


47. Make a picture frame with your child and decorate it.


48. Teach your child how to do a somersault.


49. When bathing, add foam to the child's bath.


50. Model with plasticine.


51. Draw on a drawing board.


52. Play letter carrier.


53. Teach your child how to tie his shoelaces.


54. String beads and make jewelry.


55. Bake a cake and let your child decorate it with whipped cream.


56. Teach your child to transfer cereal from one container to another.


57. Bowling: use plastic bottles and a tennis ball to play.


58. Sort buttons by color.


59. Thread wire through a colander.


60. Draw on paper with a sponge.


61. Draw a line on the floor with painter's tape and have your child walk across it.


62. Do an experiment: observe which objects sink in the tub and which float up.


63. Build a tower of laundry baskets.


64. Play construction: use toy trucks, cubes, plasticine, etc.


65. Build different shapes with cubes.


66. Add food coloring to yogurt and let your child "paint" the tray.


67. Play "hot and cold" with your child.


68. Knock sticks on a sturdy tree or metal fence.


69. Play music and have a dance party.


70. Build a fort out of blankets and chairs.


71. Practice cutting slices from a banana with a plastic knife with your child.


72. Make a cutlery napkin with your child and decorate it.


73. Play animals: act out the behavior of different animals.


74. Walk barefoot on the grass.


75. Play with sensory boxes.


76. Wrap a toy in newspaper and have the child unwrap it.


77. Count how many cubes you can put on top of each other before your tower falls off.


78. Place pillows on top of each other and invite your child to climb the slide.


79. While walking, look for objects shaped like circles, squares and triangles.


80. Learn the names of body parts with your child. Use songs and rhymes for this.


81. Throw balls in the laundry basket.


82. During a walk in the yard, sculpt sand pasties.


83. Play catch-up games.


84. Decorate a paper mask.


85. If you live in a private home, set up an inflatable pool in the yard and let your child play in it.


86. Give your child a piece of plastic wrap with sprinkles. Allow him to jump on the foil.


87. Make your child a tinfoil crown


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