9 Tips To Create A Successful Online Advertising Campaign Like A Pro

Running a successful advertising campaign on the Internet is the goal of any website or online store owner. But how is it? Each online advertising medium has different characteristics and working mechanisms. Are there methods or tips that can be followed to make a successful advertising campaign on any ad network or platform?

The answer is yes, there are several points if you pay attention to and study them well that will help you to succeed in your advertising campaign on any platform. Of course, there are special elements of success for each advertising medium, but their study is supposed to take place after paying attention to the general points of the advertising field.

In this article, we will explain to you the most important basic factors that will enable you to create a successful advertising campaign according to the opinions and advice of marketing experts around the world.

1. Define your goal for the advertising campaign

What is the goal of your advertising campaign?

  • Is it spreading and getting famous for your brand?
  • Is it making sales?
  • Is it getting subscriptions to a mailing list you make?
  • Is it a goal other than mentioned above?

Each of these goals requires the application of a specific advertising strategy and even the selection of a specific advertising medium. It makes sense to know exactly what you want to get from your advertising campaign.

Propagation, for example, can be done through advertising campaigns on several media at the same time. And getting direct sales may require a strategy of retargeting who has visited your online store before, or even visited a specific product page in your store.

Of course, it is known that your advertising goal should be logical and calculated accurately, whether by a clear number or percentage or even through certain tools, you can specify a certain number of visitors or a certain percentage that is measurable with tools such as Google Analytics.

Finally, your goal should be reasonable, achievable, and most importantly, it matches your budget and the capabilities of your site. In theory, for example, you can get a million visitors to your site per day, but can you afford them? Or are your site servers can handle receiving this number of visitors?

It is worth noting that defining the marketing goal accurately will make it easier for you to make many choices later, as many of the choices you will make later depend largely on the marketing goal that you want to achieve.

2. Set your budget

The field of digital advertising is very flexible when it comes to the amounts that can be spent in order to achieve your advertising goal. Determining the budget of your campaign or advertising campaigns will make it easier for you to choose the advertising medium that you will use and the type of target audience.

There are advertising methods that you will only be able to use after charging your account with a certain amount, while others will charge you for what your campaign spent while it is running.

Which of the two methods suits you? This is up to you and the budget you have set for your ad campaign.

Also, setting a budget will alert you to how successful each method is in achieving your advertising goals because you will know how much you paid to achieve them. Each instrument is supposed to provide an adequate return on investment, or ROI.

You should always pay attention to the amounts you spend on advertising on the medium you are using, if you are paying more than your target audience value in a medium, this may mean that it is not suitable for you, at least for the time being.

Advertising experts define their advertising budget in two stages as they use a new advertising medium:

A) The medium test stage: This stage includes allocating a budget less than the budget specified for advertising on the advertising medium (a small percentage of the total budget), and the purpose of this budget is to test the medium and its ability to achieve the desired advertising goals in proportion to its cost.

B) The stage of using the medium to achieve advertising goals with an organized spending plan: This stage is implemented only if the advertising medium succeeds in the test that was done in the previous stage, meaning that it may or may not take place.

In the event that this stage is implemented, a fixed budget is determined for the expenditure that will be made on it, with an appropriate return on investment from it. This return must be maintained by this method to continue using it.

It is worth noting that you can implement the same previous method according to your available budget, whatever its size, as it is not linked to a specific amount or value.

3. Study the platform or medium you will be advertising on

Choosing the advertising platform is one of the most important factors that govern the success or failure of your advertising campaigns. For example, the results of an advertising campaign on Google Ads are completely different from the results of a funded advertisement on Facebook.

In fact, this point depends on the first point. Determining the goal of the advertising campaign will make it easier for you to choose the advertising platform with ease.

In any case, we can classify advertising platforms into 3 main branches:

a) social media

It is no secret to everyone that most Internet users use one or more social networking sites or social media. Fortunately, all social networking sites have advertising platforms, through which you can run an advertising campaign within a few minutes.

Therefore, social media is one of the most important and most effective advertising platforms. Whatever your marketing goal or the nature of your targeting, your potential customers are present on social media.

b) search engines

Visitors to search engines are very important visitors and are the most quality at all, of course website owners can optimize their sites for search engines, and get free visitors from search engines.

But in any case, and because we are talking about advertising campaigns here, search engines, led by Google, fortunately have advertising platforms, through which you can run an advertising campaign and start achieving your marketing goals with ease and almost instantaneously.

c) Other specialized advertising companies

There are a lot of specialized advertising companies, through which you can run advertising campaigns and achieve what you want from marketing and profit goals.

Of course, these companies exist in a huge number and are very diverse, among them are Native Ads companies, Banner Ads companies, pop ups companies, and companies similar to Google Ads…etc.

The platforms through which you can run an advertising campaign differ in many respects. Some platforms, such as ad networks, offer advertising options that are not available on social media platforms, for example, and this is due to the difference in audience between the two means.

Before you create your advertising campaign on any medium, you should study it new in terms of:

  • The mechanism of the advertising campaigns through which they are carried out.
  • Advertising cost.
  • The audience available through it, and how it is exposed to your ad.

Before running any ad campaign on any ad network or platform, watch their videos. Most ad networks and platforms offer several explanatory methods that explain how ad campaigns work on them, or you can search on YouTube to see explanations about the platform.

It is also important to search for platform ratings on trusted rating sites or forums… Knowing the opinions of others about advertising platforms can save you a lot of failed experiences.

There are several methods that can be followed to find out a lot of information about any advertising platform, including:

  • Find customer reviews about it and their video experiences on YouTube.
  • Find customer reviews about them on various rating sites.
  • Search for information about them in groups and pages that are interested in the advertising field on social networking sites.
  • Consult with those who have experience in the advertising field from your acquaintances or friends.
  • Finally, it will never hurt you to contact the customer service of the platform on which you will be advertising and ask your questions or concerns.

It is worth noting that it is important to study the competing platforms also for the platform that you will be advertising. Do not choose the first advertising medium that you found, but you should search for the best means that play the same role and compare between each of them.

For example, one way may seem better than the other in one obvious aspect, but it does not suit you in several respects. Other research and comparison will lead you to the right medium for you.

Finally, I would like to point out that using all the previous methods will help you to ensure the quality of the advertising medium that you want to use. Relying on just one method may not give you a clear idea of ​​the medium you are looking for information about.

4. Determine the smallest details of your target audience

Accurately defining the marketing goal, choosing the perfect marketing platform, creating a great and attractive ad, all without good targeting means nothing to the success of your ad.

If there was a street vendor selling a product for infants, and he was interested in displaying his products in front of a high school for boys trying to sell his product to students, we would all agree that this vendor is not good at choosing the right place.

In fact, a lot of marketers do exactly what this street vendor does, but you have to choose your targeting options carefully.

It is worth noting here that any advertising platform provides advertisers with many and many targeting options, according to many criteria such as age, gender, educational qualification, marital status, interests and keywords.

Determining the details of your target audience can be easily known by defining your advertising goal, for example you have a page on Facebook and you would like to increase its followers. What are the details of these followers or their specifications?

Details may include age and interests, and if your Page sells certain products you may need to locate those followers as well. Specifying the details before creating the campaign will guide your advertising medium in determining your exact target audience.

5. Create an attractive ad

The goal of advertising is to motivate the target audience to do something such as buying, subscribing, or even publicizing a specific brand. This is done by creating an attractive advertisement in proportion to the medium used to make the advertising campaign.

Advertising on Facebook requires writing interesting content and designing a visually attractive image, advertising on YouTube requires creating high-quality video content in terms of sound, image and presentation to the viewer.

Advertising on ad networks may require creating an intermediate landing page which is not complicated despite what it looks like. There are several tools you can rely on to create a professional landing page with ease.

Create an attractive advertisement that is always related to the criteria of each advertising medium and according to the psychology of the audience available through it, you will need to study the important elements that contribute to the success of advertisements on each medium separately to discover these elements.

Do not worry, most advertising means clearly explain the criteria for successful advertising and sometimes guide you to implement it easily.

6. Study the competition market

Market study is an essential step that you must take before creating your advertising campaign. Market study should include the following elements:

  • The cost of purchasing your target audience in various advertising mediums.
  • Competitors’ strategies to reach the audience.
  • The right time to do advertising campaigns.

The cost of purchasing the target audience may seem to you almost uniform if you rely on ad networks to obtain it, but this is not accurate. The quality of the target audience varies from one network to another, some networks aim to provide the cheapest price while others focus on quality first.

How do your competitors get the audience? This may seem a difficult question to find the answer to but it is not true.

You are not the first to run an advertising campaign in your field, but there are those who preceded you locally and globally and have great experience in this field. They love to share their experiences and expertise and will be happy to answer your questions.

Think about when if you saw an ad you might interact with it? Did you reach it? . Excellent. Now, repeat it, but from the point of view of your audience, for example, someone who does ads on Facebook suffers from the timing of football matches.

Ads that appear at the same time as a match show may receive less interaction than those that appear at other times, and when you advertise Black Friday deals to get your audience to buy from your store, your ad must appear well in advance of that event.

7. Trial and error

Experience is a very important element for the success of advertising campaigns, and the experience here is not only applying information and obtaining practical experience, but also making various campaigns with testing variables to get the best possible result.

In the world of advertising campaigns or in marketing in general, there is a well-known term called Split test, which refers to dividing the advertising budget on more than one advertisement with a change in each advertisement, and this is in the end for the purpose of obtaining and continuing the successful advertising campaign, and stopping the rest of the campaigns.

Example: To reach a successful campaign on Facebook to market iPhone 13, for example, you can run 5 different campaigns with 5 different images, five titles, and test these campaigns for 7 days to determine the best possible results.

Advertising campaign experts say that just one variable, such as the ad image, can turn a losing campaign into a profitable one dramatically.

It is worth noting that the first advertising campaign for beginners rarely succeeds and this is a well-known fact in the field of Internet advertising. You may get lucky and get relatively good results from your first advertising campaign, but the complete success or achievement of your advertising goal may take several attempts.

Trial and error is a technique used by all online advertisers, even the most seasoned ones. The target audience is human beings and humans change their behavior constantly, so there is no successful strategy with everyone all the time.

Study the results of your campaigns periodically and look for ways to improve them. These methods could be adding new details in your targets, increasing your campaign budget on an ad medium, or even using an entirely new ad medium.

8. You must have a tracking and measurement tool for your ad campaigns

Tracking advertising campaigns is a very important pillar in the success of your advertising campaigns on the Internet. With tracking tools, you can measure everything about your campaign, and based on this measurement, you can make decisions that make your failed campaigns successful or your successful campaigns more successful.

The tracking tool provides you with lots and lots of very important information and data about your advertising campaigns, through which you can find out how much time the visitor spent on your site or your landing page, what keywords made you sales, the number of visitors who left your site immediately after visiting it, And lots and lots of other data.

9. Be innovative in creating your advertising campaign and think outside the box

Marketing on the Internet is also a science and an art. There are standards and foundations upon which e-marketing is based, and there is also an artistic and creative aspect, and this makes the difference between a novice e-marketer and a professional e-marketer.

To create a successful advertising campaign on the Internet, you must not be traditional doing what others do, but you must break out of the ordinary in every step of creating your advertising campaigns, so that you can achieve the best possible results.

Here are some tips that you should follow, which will help you create an innovative advertising campaign:

a) Choose your ad image very carefully

the visual aspect affects the pressure on the ad to a very large degree, and thus contributes to the success of the campaign by a large percentage. Strange and unfamiliar images are proven to attract more attention than traditional images.

It has also been proven that the image that attracts females is different from the images that attract males. Colors also make a big difference.

b) the ad title is a very important element

The ad title works together with the ad image and is an integral part of the image. In fact, the ad title is the first and most important part through which you tell the target customer the advantages of your good or service.

And then this strongly influences his decision whether to click on the ad to find out more or ignore your ad completely.

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c) Make professional advertising video instead of traditional ads

The video is a great advertising opportunity for those who can handle it intelligently. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video? In fact, the real creativity in advertising campaigns is most evident through video ads.


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