9ft or 12ft Goliath U-Formed Enemy of Allergenic Pad with Discretionary Cushion Case - 8 Tones

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* Support your whole body with the Goliath U Formed Cushion 


* XL size at 9ft or 12ft for a lot of solace 


* The ideal pad for upper and lower back torment and during pregnancy 


* Support the spine, muscles and joints 


* Help to alleviate hip, shoulder, neck and joint torment 


* A top pick among eager and new moms 


* Filled with very delicate enemy of allergenic fiber 


* Machine launderable and reasonable for tumble drying 


* Option of the cushion just or with a pad case 


* Cover tones: white, dark, pink, red, purple, dark or blue 


* Please see Full Subtleties for determinations 


Purchasing Choices: 


* £14.99 rather than £45 for the 9ft pad - save 73% 


* £22.99 rather than £51.99 for the 9ft pad and cushion case - save 67% 


* £19.99 rather than £55 for the 12ft pad - save 64% 


* £24.99 rather than £63.99 for the 12ft pad and cushion case - save 61% 


£4.99 conveyance charge per voucher through gogroopie official site for procurement. 


Fine Print 


* P&P is £3.99 or £4.99 per voucher 


* UK central area conveyance as it were 


* Please permit up to 5-7 working days for conveyance 


* Voucher is legitimate multi month from buy 


* Original esteem approved on 09/04/2019 


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