A 72-year-old resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina built a revolving house

Warrior Kusitz, a 72-year-old resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina, built a revolving house for his wife, Lubica, in six years.

So he decided to please a woman who constantly complained about the view from the window in the previous house.


When the Warrior first married, he built an ordinary house for the family. Then Lubitsa wanted the bedroom windows to face the light side, which meant that the road was not visible from the room. The couple raised three children in that house.


Over time, says Voin, his wife began to complain that she could not see from the bedroom who was coming to visit them. And he had to demolish the wall between the two rooms to turn them into a new living room, and re-lay the wiring.

Then, in 2015, the couple's son, who still lived in the family home, married. His parents decided to give his family a bedroom on the upper floor, and they moved to the lower. Kusitz complained that the house had to be rebuilt again.


"I'm already tired of her complaints and constant repairs to the family home, so I said: I'll build you a house that rotates, so you can turn it to yourself as you please," - says the man. It took him six years.


Kusitz never graduated from university, but was able to build a revolving house on his own. He says he was inspired by Serbian-American inventors Nikola Tesla and Mikhail Pupin: they, like him, grew up in poor families and did not have a good education.

During the construction he was forced to go to the hospital due to heart problems.


"I asked the doctors: give me at least another year of life, because I'm building a house and no one will know how to finish it," Kusitz recalls.


According to him, the house can make a full revolution at the highest speed in 22 seconds, and the lowest - in a day. At this time, outside the windows you can see the changing landscape of corn fields and plowed land and forests and rivers.


Kusica's wife could not find out what she thought about the new house: she did not want to talk to journalists.


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