A Beautiful Country Nepal

Nepal is a small and beautiful landlocked country rich in its culture,  natural beauties ,peoples, places and so on. it is between the two big countries India and China. its total area is 1,47,181 square kilometers. it can be called as the roof of the world as the highest peak mount everest ( sagarmatha) is in this country reflecting its glory. here we can find people of various culture , regions, tradtions and so on. mostly people here are gurung, newras, brahmins, magars, chhetri, rai, limbu and others reflecting the cultural diversity. here we can find the climate variation as temperature goes on decreasing with the increase in the attitude and is dynamic in nature. here we can find the fast flowing rivers originated from the himalayas with the great potential. it is also the birth place of gautam buddha. it can be the perfect package for the tourists for learning its cultural and natural diversity along with its uniqueness.

Nepal can be divided into three ecological zones: the loeland (terai) the miland (mountain) and the highland (Himalayas). the altitude of the himalayan region (the highland) ranges between 4877 m- 8848m, nepal includes 8 of the highest 14 summits in the world, which exceed altitude of 8000 meters including Mount Everest ( Sagarmatha).

The mountain region accounts for more about 64% of total land area. which is formed by mahabharat range that soars up to 4899 m and the lower churia range. 

the lowand terai, the flat river plain of the gangas with a belt of marshy grasslands, savannas, and forests, occupies about 17% of the total land area of the country.

Nepal is also famous for lots of temples and stupas. some of the famous temples are pashupatinath, muktinath, etc and famous stupas are swyambhu (the monkey temple) and boudhanath etc. nepal is the country where you should visit atleast once in your lifetime.


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