A Broken Heart (Story)

I decided to take a walk not minding where I was going,just to ease my pain, to cool off a bit.

I feel felt feverish, irritated and rejected at the same time. I need to let my heart throw off some trash that has accumulated in it making it heavy😭I have experienced many set backs, i am exposed to fakeness, betrayal and insensitive humans,

'oh my heart, my poor heart. Why do you have to go through all these because of my insecurities .

On that cool evening , I walked alone, I spotted a place to relax and think and to soliloquize.

I am my own best paddy, I will face this mess alone.I cried to myself and told myself that I love too much, trust too much and care too much.

I was deeply hurt.Then you walked up to me.Who are you?

The same male gender that hurt me?The same gender that put me in this mess? Ooh holy crap!

You look innocent like a dove.

You spoke calmly and it made my heart calm, I was happy in Just seconds. I consulted my heart and we decided to give you and i a try.

Youre handsome and attractive, your touch gave me butterflies  and I thought I found the right one.All I wanted was a sweet relationship, a relationship with no lies, no secrets and no gender roles.You proved through at first but you became wild , little did I know that you are never as innocent as a dove but a lion looking for a prey to devour

You shattered my heart , it's injured, it was bleeding

I thought you'd be through but I was so fast to trust you.

Oh my heart you got failed again

When I pass through the place we met, the memories flow and then I shed warm tears of sadness

oHonee my hear gets through this and heal fast.But till then I live to the fact my heart is broken

To all the ones who got played in relationships, don't give up you're not alone🥰👊


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