A day I lost everything

Once a day I was at office for late night because there was a project needed to be completed next day. Boss said me to complete project thus night at office. So I did not go to home. and left there till 12 pm midnight. And it was also raining outside heavily that did not for a second.

On completing my work I left office to go to home. But rain did not stop. But I started to home. I got cold and fever. When I reached home My mom got worried by seeing me in wet clothes. She gave me medicine and get out of home to call doctor. I stooped him from behind but he got out. She did not come back home.Suddenly my phone ranged, I pickup the call it was police  they told me that my mother had died near his office till 11 pm. Then , I checked my phone  in which there was 20 missed call from mom . and a message in which  it was written that  I am coming home to take me from office. Then I got realised that it was my mothers soul who gave me medicine I got sad. And cried and run out of home. That day I l9st everything from my life.



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