A Dead City in Antarctica

As everyone knows, the unexplored depths of the planet Earth have always attracted explorers and scientists of all times and peoples with their mystical mystery. So, one of the most unknown and least explored regions of the Earth is considered its South Pole - Antarctica. Explorations and discoveries made on this continent only leave more questions behind. But what could be unknown and unexplored in an area almost entirely covered by eternal ice?
Here's some general information about the continent. The surface of Earth's sixth continent is more than 99 percent covered by ice. Studies by scientists have shown that the greatest thickness of the ice sheet is about 4.5 kilometers. The average - about 1.7 kilometers. It is known that the total volume of all ice ranges from 23 to 25 million cubic kilometers.
The region can rightly be called the cold pole of the Earth. On the surface of the permafrost low air temperatures are recorded. In winter (June-August) the average temperature is minus 70 degrees Celsius, and in summer (December-February) it rises to minus 40 degrees.
There are no land mammals in Antarctica. Permanent residents are sea elephants, penguins and some birds.
Interestingly, this continent harbors more secrets and mysteries than one of the planets of our solar system - Mars. And it does not differ from it much, except that there is more oxygen. And the temperature on the surface is almost the same. It is known that on July 21, 1983 the "Vostok" station recorded the lowest temperature on Earth over the entire history of meteorological observations, and it reached a mark of 90 degrees below zero. Even the photos of the surface of eternal ice itself are much smaller than those of Mars.
Since the Russian explorers commanded by Bellingshausen and Lazarev discovered Antarctica (January 27, 1820), only a negligible amount of information about it had been learned. Scientists and explorers still do not know what is hidden beneath the enormous thickness of the ice. Even the surface of the continent itself remains poorly understood.
It is worth noting that in the last decade under the ice in the territory of the continent were discovered lakes with warm currents, connected to each other by a network of tunnels. Based on information from various sources, these passages are quite branched and extensive, and are located at a depth of about 4 kilometers under the ground. According to experts, they can even get to other places of our globe.
To find such passages in 1938, June 16, an expedition of researchers headed by Alfred Ritscher was sent to Antarctica, which included three ships and aircraft carrier "Manfred von Richthofen. And on October 14 of that year, they discovered a dead city "in a mountain valley with a pyramid. In this area scientists came across strange monuments with ancient inscriptions, unusual underwater corridors and tunnels with patterns on the walls, as well as sculptures, very similar to the idols from the famous Easter Island. The expedition staff meticulously recorded everything they saw on camera.
To continue the research in the depths of the permanent ice on October 11, 1938 on the orders of Adolf Hitler in the Antarctic region was sent five more submarines. One of them, under hull number UA - 4, in early November was able to pass through the underwater corridor in the place of the exit of the warm current about 800 meters. Then the submarine entered through a tunnel into the center of the mountain and rose to the surface in a lake of warm water. It was a giant cave with the same strange monuments and inscriptions, which turned out to be connected by a network of tunnels to other similar caves. And on December 20, members of the research team discovered mines of non-natural origin. Walls of these mines had surprisingly smooth and flat surface, going down sharply. An interesting fact for the scientists was the discovery of stone statues in the form of animals with wings and sharp fangs. A little later, during the three-year period found a couple more dead cities with passages leading into the caves. On returning home from the expedition, one submarine mysteriously crashed...
It is also interesting that the famous Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, who was directly involved in one of the expeditions to the sixth continent in 1947 - 1948, tried to find there an oasis for life with warm springs. The politician also suggested that the famous Hannah Reich, a pilot of the Third Reich, go by plane to the South Pole, in order to find there the entrance to the center of the Earth.
All this time, scientists have not given up trying to find answers to the questions posed about the dead cities. So, a few decades later, in December 1973, a group of divers led by the famous French explorer of the oceans Jacques-Yves Cousteau also found an underwater cave. After sneaking into it, they saw the same statues of animals and incomprehensible inscriptions. But Captain Cousteau's group did not return home in full. Mysteriously five people died on the way.
Another expedition in 1979-1983 was composed of Russian explorers. With three submarines and two ships, they managed to find an underwater tunnel leading to the dead city of Ocmaron, which existed six thousand years ago. Once again, runic inscriptions were found, which were later deciphered, but immediately classified. It is worth noting that during the study of the city, for unexplained reasons, one of the boats was damaged and had to be left in a cave...
It should be noted that some give mystical explanations for these investigations. Thus, one explanation is as follows. Presumably during the expedition to Tibet information was gathered that throughout the region of Antarctica there is a whole network of warm underground currents and caves. Perhaps this is something left over from a once thriving culture or civilization that surpasses the modern human mind. Or perhaps these cities were built by aliens who came to Earth.
There is also speculation that the ice-covered continent was, in fact, once the mysteriously vanished continent of Atlantis.
For example, not so long ago, a group of American and European research scientists announced the discovery of three pyramids in Antarctica. They managed to take pictures of these huge, amazing objects. According to the experts, these pyramids are of artificial origin. The team recorded that one of the pyramids found directly off the coast, and the other two - at a distance of 16 kilometers from its line. In appearance, these objects bear a striking resemblance to Egyptian pyramids, the oldest of which dates back to 2670 B.C. More detailed reports and information about them was not provided.
At the same time the most important source of information on the pyramids was a short video report which showed some pictures accompanied by short text captions. It was also mentioned that a new research team is being prepared which will go to study the pyramids discovered. Only after that it will be possible to say something definite about their origin. However the terms of the expedition are not named yet.
Therefore, the question of where these strange pyramids came from, and who could create them, remains only to be guessed. Probably they are mountain rocks of ideally correct geometric shape. Or maybe they were made by human hands. About what lies in the sixth continent - Antarctica, we have yet to learn...


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