A diplomat was found dead in Kiev - what is known

A diplomat was found dead in Kiev - what is known
 The press service of the police said that a criminal investigation into the man's death was opened under part 1 of Article 115 - premeditated murder marked "accident".
 On October 16, a 60-year-old diplomat was found dead in Kiev. Law enforcers did not disclose the name of the deceased, but the media reported that it was Viktor Kryzhanovskiy. The man's body was found at his dacha in Osokorki.
 Who found the body?
 In the front office of the capital's main called a woman and reported that in a house on the street Sadovaya found a man's body without signs of life. At the scene immediately arrived investigative and operational group of the district and the Main Department of Police, forensic laboratory and operational staff.
 The man's body was found by the housekeeper. She had just come to clean the house.
 According to the head of Darnitskogo police department Alexander Pyatnikovsky, law enforcement officers interviewed neighbors and a worker who helped the owner at home.
 "This morning my neighbor from the outermost house comes and says: "Trofimovich, do you know what? Killed," the neighbor said.
 He added that no one heard any noise during the night.
 Who are we talking about
 Neighbor Vasily Gordienko said that the deceased was not too sociable and the neighbors did not see him the day before.
 "I don't sleep well. At about 11 o'clock I woke up - nothing, at 3 o'clock in the morning I woke up - and I didn't hear anything. I never met him, I don't know his face. I knew my father well, he was a diplomat. I do not know my son, he was a diplomat somewhere, in a Baltic country, too," said a neighbor.
 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not say the name of the dead diplomat. The police also avoided answering this question. Law enforcers only specify that he was 60 years old.
 However, Klymenko Time writes that the deceased was Viktor Kryzhanovski.
 How the death occurred
 "We tentatively found out that the man fell down the stairs in his own house, where he lived alone. Then he got up and went to a room on the second floor, where his housekeeper found him without any signs of life. According to the conclusion of the forensic medical expert, death occurred as a result of a closed head injury," said Anna Zubreva of the Kyiv police.
 The media does not rule out murder
 TSN reports that rumors about the possible violent death of the diplomat spread in the network.
 Neither the police nor the Foreign Ministry commented on the death.
 Law enforcers and diplomats also do not intend to name the deceased.


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