A Dot in the Ear for All Diseases!

This is what happens to your body if you massage it!


This point is located at the top of the triangular dimple of the ear, just above the central part with the ear canal.


Pressing on the Shen Men's point:


relieves depression, stress and anxiety;

strengthens the nervous system and eliminates insomnia;

Relieves headaches;

Helps with allergies;

strengthens the immune system;

promotes performance;

It gives a boost of energy;

helps fight drug and tobacco addiction.


How to give a massage:


1. Slowly rotate your finger around the Shen Men point, massaging the ear with gentle strokes.

2. The duration of this procedure should be at least one minute.

3. Repeat twice a day and make sure it is effective!


Massaging this point is a great way to combat nicotine and drug addiction. If you get the urge to go out for a smoke, just massage the point on your ear. You won't believe it, but the urge will go away right away!


Regularly massaging the point helps not only to stay healthy, but also to quit smoking. Personally, I like the fact that I can do this exercise even in the workplace, in transport or on the street. Share your health secrets with your friends. Let them try the healing power of acupuncture!


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