A lithium-carbon battery will recharge an electric bike in 90 seconds

The new Duo lithium-carbon battery for electric bikes is a joint project between the German and British companies Mahle and Allotrope Energy. The main feature of the new power source is the charging principle - similar to that of supercapacitors - which allows for 'equal' charging times for electric vehicles and refuelling of conventional cars equipped with internal combustion engines.Duo differs from conventional lithium-ion batteries in the type of cathode. There is an organic electrolyte between the anode and cathode. This combination results in an enormous power density, which makes it possible to charge the battery extremely quickly, up to 20 kW.



During testing, it was found that electric mopeds fitted with conventional 500W⋅h batteries lacked a single charge for a 25km run and required a half-hour recharge when they were halfway there. By comparison, the new battery took just a minute and a half to be fully charged.


Duo is also environmentally friendly, with no rare-earth metals, recyclable and not prone to overheating, one of the main causes of battery degradation.


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