A "mysterious black hole" was spotted on Google maps

Reddit user spots "mysterious black hole" on Google Maps


A user spotted a "mysterious black hole" on Google Maps and posted a screenshot of it on Reddit. His post, made nearly three weeks ago, caught the attention of Business Insider on Monday, November 1.


The author of the post noticed a suspicious object in the middle of the ocean. He asked other users what they thought of his discovery." What is it? This doesn't look like an island at all," the user captioned the post. Meanwhile, the man did not specify the coordinates of the black hole.


One user suggested that this is what the top of the mountain looks like from a satellite. Another user said this screenshot captures the Bermuda Triangle." This is the wreckage of a crashed spaceship," a third jokingly suggested.


"The island is known as Vostok and belongs to the Republic of Kiribati. What looks black to you is actually dark green. It's a very dense forest," explained another commenter.


Earlier, it was reported that British schoolboy Rory Chapman spotted an unexpected image on Google Maps. The 12-year-old saw a place called "The Hole in the Center of the Earth." The boy decided to ask his father about this discovery, but his parents were unable to give him an intelligible answer. So the family decided to ask the Internet users for their opinion about the "hole". However, the netizens could not help them.


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