A pet parrot

The feathered friend of man can not only run around the apartment, but also fly. Read in another article how to distinguish the sex of a parrot. When choosing a parrot, you should be ready to find the pet in the most unexpected places:


In the kitchen

On the table

On the chandelier

In the bathroom

On a baguette and so on.

Naturally, it depends only on the owner, whether he allows the parrot to fly freely in the apartment or not. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to lock up the parrot for a long time. It will have a negative impact on its physical state. Here are a few disadvantages of this condition:


After a long confinement, it will be difficult for the bird to fly.

You should also not forget about the psychological mood of the pet. He may become nervous and aggressive.

Having long-awaited freedom, the parrot may attack the owner, which is dangerous in itself.

Pros of this pet:


The feathered friend is among the very sociable and friendly pets.

Parrots love to be paid attention.

Some even start to talk and repeat some words after the owner.

Parrots are very unpretentious about food.

The bird will eat with equal pleasure the food from the host's table or will eat special food.

For busy people this is quite a handy option. But it is better not to delay with cleaning the cage. Otherwise an unpleasant smell may arise.


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