A pet turtle

There are over 300 species of turtles in the world, grouped into 14 families. All of them are divided into marine and terrestrial animals. Terrestrial turtles are divided into freshwater and terrestrial reptiles. Consider one of the species, the most common, suitable for keeping in the home.


The red-eared freshwater turtle (Trachemys scripta), originating in northern America.

Particularly common in the northern U.S. - Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma.

It got its name because of the red long spots on the head next to the eyes.

They live in small lakes, ponds with low, swampy banks.

In the home conditions for them create conditions close to natural habitat:


For red-eared turtles, a terrarium of at least 200 liters in volume, wide in area and low in height is purchased.

Large stones are placed at the bottom.

It is filled with water so that if the turtle falls on its back it can turn over freely in the water.

It should be convenient exit to the island of dry land, which occupies about 1/4 of the area of the aquarium.

Also equipped with a powerful filter to keep the water clean.

UVB 5-10% UVB lamp is a must, preferably directed action. Without it, the turtles are not synthesized vitamin B3, with a lack of it turtles are prone to disease.

Need more simple light bulb.

A water heater is also needed. The constant water temperature should be maintained at 26-28 degrees. Water change twice a week.

Many people consider the creation of such conditions for turtles minuses - a lot of fuss. Other people do not think so.  The diet is varied:


Young ones are fed frozen moths.

The older they become, the more they prefer plant food rich in fiber.

In the future, you can give pieces of meat, fish, seafood, also bloodworms, worms, insects, fry.

From plant foods - algae, lettuce, nettles, zucchini.

Tortoises grow to 30 cm in length, depending on sex (females are larger). Live, as a rule, in natural conditions no more than 20 years in captivity up to 40 years with proper care. The one most significant disadvantage of turtles:


They are carriers of salmonellosis. So after contact with them be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

Turtles do not need to walk like dogs, they don't have hair on the sofas like cats do, they are always in the same place. Exoticism is pleasing to the eye. Such pets do not require increased attention. These are the pluses in favor of which people who take such pets into their homes prefer.


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