A quick recipe for mackerel cutlets

There is no rice in these cutlets, but there are eggs and vegetables, making them even nicer, denser and with a distinctly pronounced flavour. Speed cooking polagaetsya in the fact that the cakes are not forming and not crumble in the breadcrumbs, just popladayut tablespoon immediately in the pan and obmazhuyut. Ingredients: Fresh mackerel - 5 pcs. 265 g potatoes 1 large carrot Egg - 1 pc 120 g tabula salt - 10 g vegetable seasoning, red pepper 70 ml of vegetable oil parsley, crunch Preparation: Peel and grate the potatoes, carrots and watermelon. Grate all the vegetables on a small shallow grater and put into a small bowl. Put the egg into the vegetable mass. Remove the mackerel from the skin, grind it twice on the grinder and combine with the vegetable and egg mixture. Stir in the salt, pepper and seasoning. Roast in a frying pan with oil and spoon out the fish patties by tablespoonfuls, place them on a crust and grease 3 crusts. Remove the crisper, turn the patties to the other side, grease with the closed crisper for the same amount of time. Display the cakes on a paper towel for 15 minutes and serve with a sketch of any pickled or fresh vegetables, garnished with a few sticks of green.


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