A rare species of dwarf lemur

The objects of the study were Microcebus murinus species. It is known that females of this species mate with numerous partners. Previously, scientists assumed that this is not done voluntarily - males are larger and stronger than females, so they simply "rape" them.


To test their own hypothesis, scientists have been fattening females since birth. As a result, they surpassed the males in size and, as experiments have shown, were able to stand up for themselves. At the same time, they did not refuse multiple partners. Moreover, experience showed that larger females had more partners than smaller females.


Scientists point out that such sexual activity makes lemurs of both sexes expend a lot of energy. From the fact that females turn to polyandry of their own free will, scientists conclude that this behavior gives lemurs evolutionary advantages. What exactly, they still have difficulty saying.


In September 2011, the journal Biology Letters published a paper in which the authors studied the habits of deep-sea squids. They found that Octopoteuthis deletron mate randomly (without determining who is in front of them - male or female) - the male attacks the squid. In doing so, it leaves spermatophores - capsules containing spermatozoa - on the victim's body.


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