A real man behind Phunshuk wangdu in 3 idiots-SONAM WANGCHUK

Sonam wangchuk is the great indian engineer whose innovation are remarkable. One such innovation of sonam is "SOLAR HEATED TENT" which he made for indian soldiers living in very cold weather for our safety.

     Recently the Chinese infiltration in the Galwan Valley has caused the Indian armed forces to be active and posted 24x7 in the soul chilling region.The temperatures reaching below -20 degrees in the region creates a lot of difficulty for the forces to stay in the region. HIAL (Himalayan Institute of Alternative Learning) has been working on a special tent that can be heated through solar energy. It is a passive solar heated tent. 

        Solar heated shelter is portable military tent that can be heated through solar panels and can seat 10 jawans at a time.Interestingly Sonam was the man behind the character of Phunsuk Wangdu in the bollywood movie '3 Idiots'.

         At present, the Indian Army in Ladakh uses around one lakh kiloleter fuel per year for heating purposes, which emits around three lakh ton carbon dioxide”. With the use of this solar-powered tents, the use of fuel can reduce to 1lakh ton significantly.

        According to Wangchuk, the tent does not only offer more space than the container cabins the Indian Army uses for its soldiers, this structure also doesn’t require kerosene for heating purposes and thus emits zero pollution into the environment.


Salute to the Sonam wangchuk sir whose remarkable innovation made life a little bit easy for the soldiers and give him hope that we all are with them.


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