A Recipe for Cheesecakes That Always Turn Out


400g Cheese (9% fat)

1 pc. Egg

3 Tbsp. Flour (and extra for breading)

3 tbsp. Sugar

3-4 tbsp. Sunflower oil for frying

1 pinch Salt

10 grams of vanilla sugar


Transfer the cottage cheese (400 g) to a small glass or plastic bowl. Add a pinch of salt, one egg, 3 tbsp of sugar, and 10g of vanilla sugar. I do not like the cheesecakes to be very sweet, but you can add a little more sugar, for example 4 tbsp. You can use either market or store bought cottage cheese. The main thing is that it must not be sour and strongly moist. If you use store cottage cheese, get it in a soft plastic bag.


curd cheese for cheesecakes


After you put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them until smooth. The best way to do this is to use a regular fork, spoon or potato masher.


mix the mixture for the cheesecakes


Add 3 tbsp of wheat flour to the curd mixture. If the curd turned out to be quite wet, add one tablespoon more flour. But the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the cheesecakes turn out to be tender.


adding flour to the cheesecake batter


Moisten your hands with a little sunflower oil and roll out the curd mass into small balls of 3-4 cm in diameter. Flatten the balls with your hands to make beautiful small cheesecakes.


forming the cheesecakes

 STEP 5.

Now coat the cheesecakes in flour so that they don't lose their shape and are toasted to a delicious crust.


 STEP 6.

Heat a non-stick skillet with 3-4 tbsp of sunflower oil over medium heat. The cheesecake pan should heat up well. Do not reduce the heat while frying, so you get perfect frying. Make sure that the cheesecakes do not stick. In order to get the prettiest golden crust, I fried the cheesecakes for 2-3 minutes on each side. But you may have a little more or less time.


toasting cheesecakes

 STEP 7.

To remove excess oil from the cooked cheesecakes, transfer them first to a paper towel. Then transfer the cheesecakes to serving plates, sprinkle with a little powdered sugar, and add jam or sour cream.


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