A schoolboy nicknamed mini monet earned $2.2 million in 20-minutes

Kieron Williamson became famous at the age of 10 for his Monet-style paintings. His work was sold out to the tune of $2.2 million in just 20 minutes by Internet buyers.


His talent in his style is unmatched. Especially considering the fact that the artist is very young and has almost no experience.

The money raised allowed the boy to buy a fancy new home for himself and his family. And in the art world only raise their hands, saying that the paintings of Kiron in just one year have become much better. It takes decades for artists to achieve this kind of mastery, and they are far from succeeding at all.

"Everyone in the art world thinks his work is much better than it was last year.


Adrian Hill, the gallery manager who led the bidding, told the media that this is only the beginning in the young career of the great creator, and his brilliant new works will soon appear in online auctions.


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