A Simple Recipe for Cheesecakes for Breakfast

I've tried many recipes for cheesecakes, but I came back to the tried-and-true classic recipe. The cheesecakes are beautiful, soft, and have a tender brown crust.


Fat cottage cheese - 500 Grams

Eggs - 1 Piece Sugar - 4 Tbsp

Flour - 5-6 Tbsp (3-4 Tbsp - for dough, the rest for breading)

Vegetable oil for frying - 4-5 Tbsp.

1. Prepare the products. When choosing cottage cheese, do not take dry, otherwise the cheesecakes may turn out stiff, it is better to take a fat, moist, but not too. 

2. thoroughly crush the cottage cheese with a fork. Add the egg and sugar. Mix well. 

3. Add the flour, stir to combine. 

4. The mass for the cheesecake should not be too dry or wet. It should clump together and hold its shape. Add more flour if needed.

5. Let's start forming the cheesecakes. With wet hands take a tablespoon of cottage cheese mass and roll a ball. Flatten it, dip it in flour on both sides. Spread out on a board or a plate. The cheesecakes are ready to be fried. 

6. On a hot frying pan, greased with oil, put the cheesecakes and fry until crusty. The fire should be medium, turn the cheesecakes, fry. 

7. Cheesecakes are ready. Bon appetit!


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