A simple way to make money by creating highlighters without investing

Today I decided to share with you a way to earn money that does not require you to have any complex skills. Well, and the time you need 2-3 hours a day.

Basically, all you need from you is a desire to earn and persistence.

Today, when Instagram is flourishing, you can make money in different ways. One of the easiest is creating highlighters. These are covers for actual storis. And now these highlighters are in demand.

They're often used by some business owners or bloggers. So these highlighters are really worth the money. Even ordinary people who want to make the account more beautiful are using them. 

I will say at once that there are just a lot of topics. So there is room to run wild. You can write 100 people a day and collect a pretty big profit. And the simplicity is that such highlites can be taken simply from google pictures.

In general, finding clients is not a tricky thing. Just write to accounts with the subjects you want and offer them highlites. Write to accounts that sell something. 

How do you make highlites?

And we'll make them on the service canva. We have already talked about it, so I think there should be no questions. You don't have to buy a paid version, the basic functions are enough.

First, you have to go into "covers Actual" and make your own covers there. Choose a background, and then apply the desired icon or picture to it. All this is in the templates.

For example, the picture fork, spoon or other images you can find in Yandex pictures in png format.

By the way you will often come across pictures with just the background. To remove it, I can advise the site remove bg. It is free to remove the background from the desired image.

In general, everything can safely download this highlite and sell. For example, make six of these highlites and 1000₽ in your pocket. By the way, you can use the site flaticon. 

Yes, it is paid. But it will pay off quickly, but finding icons will be 10 times easier. It's divided into different niches and icons in different styles, so you can safely use it.

But to be trusted, you first need to get your account in order. At the very least make it stylish and tidy. And also start by making covers for yourself to make the account look professional.

You will also need to make up at least an attractive text for your account. You can make up your own by analogy or use this one.

You can also make up text that you will send to clients and also respond to their objections like "you're expensive." And so Instagram doesn't get you banned, change them up, don't write the same thing forever.

And if you don't have a free number to create a working account or need numbers to maintain several, you can use the SMS Activate website. Again, it all pays off quickly.


Here is such a simple and quick way to earn money. Moreover, it does not require you to any complex skills or knowledge. You can give the work 2-3 hours a day and earn more than the average wage.

As a bonus, you can work from multiple accounts at once, so do not forget about the site with the numbers. And also remember that you can not forever send the same message, or catch a ban.

By the way, to change the background color or icons, you need Photoshop and the ability to use it. If you do not know how, you can always find tutorials on YouTube, there are plenty of them.


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