A terrorist attack was prevented in Spain

Spanish National Police eliminated a five-member radical Islamist cell in Barcelona and Madrid. According to law enforcers, the jihadists were ready to commit a terrorist attack.

All five are in custody. Four of the suspects are awaiting trial, another is being questioned by police on a number of charges other than terrorism. It is known that the fifth Muslim was a ringleader, recruiting and training extremists. However, law enforcement officials did not disclose which organization the detainees belonged to.

The cell leader had already served time in an Algerian prison and had also taken part in the Syrian conflict. The operation was part of an effort to identify and destroy terrorist cells in Spain. In January, police arrested three more jihadists.


Earlier it became known that the Turkish intelligence together with the intelligence agencies of Iraq detained Sami Jasim, a financier and deputy leader of the "Islamic State" (IS, a terrorist organization, banned in Russia). He coordinated the work of IS in Syria and Iraq.


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