A very successful recipe for Korean style carrots, all the secrets of cooking

Korean-style carrots are popular among fans of spicy dishes. This is a very easy to prepare snack, if you find the right recipe. So there is no need to buy the store product, if you can cook it at home yourself, even without spending a lot of time and money.

You just need to grate carrots and mix them with a set of special spices. But, of course, this is not all the secrets of its preparation. In general, if interested, read the recipe - I will tell you everything.

Korean-style carrots can be served to the table as a separate salad, which can decorate any dish or become a great ingredient in various dishes. I make various rolls with it.

Grate the carrots on a grater, then sprinkle with sugar and mix it.

As you stir, squeeze the carrots with your hands. This is to make the carrots softer and let the juice flow.

Top it off with chopped garlic. I pass it through a garlic masher.

Season with ground pepper and ground coriander, then a portion of sweet paprika and some hot pepper.

In a separate pan, heat vegetable oil on the stove and send the onions to it.

It should be put whole. Fry until the bottom of it becomes brown, only then remove the onion. He will give his nice flavor to the oil.

The hot oil should be poured into the grated carrots with spices and stirred.

Dress the appetizer with 9% vinegar and stir. Put the carrots in the fridge for 2 hours.
That's it - you can eat!

I recommend storing such a snack in the refrigerator. It will not go bad for a few days, and you will eat it even faster.

The snack will be juicy, moderately spicy and pleasantly sweet. Such a dish contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Carrots have a lot of fiber, and it is also a low-calorie vegetable that improves the digestive system.

List of ingredients for cooking carrots in Korean:

1.5 kg carrots
1 tablespoon salt
0.5 teaspoon sugar
Let it sit for 30 minutes
5 garlic cloves
Black pepper to taste
1 teaspoon coriander
1 teaspoon paprika
0.5 teaspoon hot pepper
50 ml vegetable oil
1 onion
1 tablespoon 9% vinegar


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