A way to cheat on airline luggage rules revealed

An American tourist carried extra hand luggage on a plane for free and revealed a way to bypass luggage rules. She told her TikTok account about the opportunity to carry extra luggage on board for free.

In the published video, the girl puts her personal items in a pillowcase, then zips it up, puts it on her suitcase and walks with it onto the plane. "The best best travel tip - the 'pillow' flies free," the blogger signed the publication, which has accumulated more than 435,000 views.

Network users appreciated the idea of the traveler and began to write admiring comments under the post. "Oh my God, that's just genius," "That's an amazing way," "Thank you, that's cool," "Why didn't I know about this in the summer? I would have tried to take more stuff on vacation then," "I will definitely try this way to get my luggage through," they wrote.

Earlier, an American Airlines flight attendant told about the possibility of getting a free seat in the first class of the plane. According to the flight attendant, those who book seats on the last row have the best chance of getting an upgrade.


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