ability of some wild animals

Ability of some wild animals


The animals are unique and the animal world is also unique because every 

animals have their own unique skills and abilities for their survival in 

extreme environment conditions and dense forest.


At first we will discuss about leopard;




It is one of the rear animal of jungle. It is the fastest running animal in 

the world found up to now, it has the top speed of 58 km/ph and no one can beat 

this animal in running. It is a hunter.




Eagle, it is also known as king of sky in human world and it has best 

eyesight. It can see very tiny objects even from very high sky. And it is also 

a great sky fighter.




Lion is also known as the king of the jungle because most of the time it lives 

in group so no one can defeat it on fight. It has flexible bones and powerful 

claws and sharp teeth which helps in hunting its prey. It spends most of the 

time in sleeping.




It also belongs to the big cat family like leopard, tiger, lion, cheeta and so 

on. It has a special ability of jumping.




Tiger is one of the most powerful and deadly animal of jungle and big cat 

family. It likes to stay alone and it is a great swimer animal. They have 

ability to see long distance both day and night.




Elephants are the intellectual creatures of land and they are also the tallest 

animals on land. They are friendly with humans. They eats grass and are 

peaceful in nature.




Monkeys are very courageous animals and they spend most of the time in trees. 

And they are also a smart animals they can recognize their own face in the 





Goat is a simple looking animal but it can climb up steep hills and they 

continously goes on climb on trees and hills in search of food.




Dogs are the loyal animals and they are caring nature and they have a good 

smelling ability and it is a good friend of humans. They can also help in 

different activities like hunting, tracking etc.




A cat is a close sited animal it can see the close objects very nicely that 

helps cat in hunting and catching its prey. The close sited vision of a cat 

helps it to keep focus on its targeted prey.




The camel is found in desert and its main ability is it's hump. It can store 

water and food materials in its hump and survive for a long time in extreme 

condition of desert. It can also travel up to hundred miles in desert without 

consuming\drinking water.




Snakes can sense heat and finds its prey. It is a poisionous reptile. It 

belongs to reptile family.


So these were some animals with their great physical abilities which is 

amazing and surprising for humans which helps them to survive in harsh 

condition and extreme environment and tackle their enemys in jungle


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