About American cuisine, its history, features and popular dishes

The most popular dishes in the USA


The United States is a large and multinational country. Of course, in different parts of the state, recipes for cooking dishes have their own variations, but these are popular in all corners:


    Barbecue (barbecue). The word has already become a household word: it is both a method of cooking, and the proper name of the dish, and even a variant of family leisure. You can try barbecue in any state, although it is believed that it is tastiest in Texas. The dish can be tasted not only in a restaurant, but also to buy meat at the market or in a store and fry in nature. My advice is to have a barbecue on your own. This is always available: barbecue tables are often installed in parks and beaches in the USA.


    Peanut butter, perhaps, is a favorite delicacy of US residents and mine, of course, too. It is so popular in the country that January 24 is declared the National Day of Peanut Paste. A large assortment is sold in stores, and most often it is taken for breakfast.


    Pancakes with maple syrup. Pancakes are thick pancakes, and maple syrup came to American cuisine from Canada (read more about the gastronomic culture of Canada here). In addition to syrup, pancakes are served with bananas or ice cream. Americans also prefer to eat them for breakfast. You can try pancakes in almost any diner in America, they are very popular. Well, or buy it in the store and just warm it up. Although, from personal experience, I was convinced that it is better when they are baked by professionals :).


    Marshmallow is a confection consisting of sugar or corn syrup. It is added to salads, desserts, coffee and cakes. The most famous method of making marshmallows in America is frying pastilles over a campfire. Under the influence of fire, the product heats up, increases in size and becomes viscous. You can buy marshmallows at any grocery store in the USA, for example at Seven Eleven.

    Whipped cheese (spray cheese). This is another American delicacy, the packaging looks like an aluminum can with whipped cream inside, but in fact there is cheese. It is sold only in stores, such as Walmart or Target. When I tried it, at the beginning I didn't even understand what kind of mass it was. But the Americans have shown that it is better to use the product as a filling for liver or sauce for potatoes.

    Burgers. Yes, of course, cheeseburgers and hamburgers are what people most often associate with the mention of the phrase "US cuisine". And I must say, here are really the most delicious burgers of those that I have tried. They are with completely different fillings and completely different sizes. There are three cutlets, and even five, or crab meat inside. And sometimes burgers are served without a bun at all, with lettuce leaves. Yes, Americans really organize contests in the style of "who will eat more burgers in an hour".


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