Acidity problem can occur due to excessive consumption of tomatoes, know 5 disadvantages

If you are also sad about the cost of tomatoes, then definitely know these disadvantages of it. Learn 5 disadvantages -


  • Consuming tomatoes can give you acidity. Actually, it contains a lot of acid, due to which the acidity in your stomach increases on consuming it and it causes acidity


  • Along with tomato, you cannot stop its seeds from entering the body, but if these seeds enter your body, you can become a patient of stones, because they easily reach the kidney and form stones.


  • The terpenes present in tomatoes can be the cause of your body odor. Its dissolution during digestion produces body odour.


  • If you often have problems with gas in the stomach, then it will be beneficial for you to reduce the consumption of tomatoes, because it can cause gas in the stomach.


  • Nowadays, instead of organic tomatoes, tomatoes cooked using injections or chemicals are available in the markets, which can give you discomfort, blood pressure and other health problems.


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