across the atlantic in balloons the extraordinary jonathan trapp

Is it possible? Oh yes! At least that's what Jonathan Trapp decided, who made this crazy idea a reality and crossed the English Channel with hot-air balloons.

In the future he also decided to cross the Atlantic. For this, according to his calculations, he would need more than 350 balloons.

His flying machine looks very funny. It is just an immense number of balloons and an inflatable boat.

Trapp is often compared to the popular character from the cartoon "Up!" because of his originality.

He is now raising money for his new flight.

It was he who set the new record for crossing the Alps.

As Trapp himself says in his interview, "I didn't just suddenly decide to do it. There was a lot of training and a lot of doubts. But today I know for sure that I want to be the first person who dares, as if I were a child, to fly halfway across the world in balloons. 


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