Active Lifestyle and Entertainment

Martial arts: wrestling, boxing, hand-to-hand combat, Thai boxing, kickboxing, etc. In any city there are sports sections. Usually they are for children and men, but if you look hard, you can find self-defense classes for girls, for example. The price is usually symbolic if you study in a group, individual training is much more expensive. Regular physical training is good for your health, but it takes desire to make yourself go there. 

Skiing. Every winter, walking through the park, we can observe satisfied skiers. These are grandfathers and red-cheeked women, and even 5-year-old kids who are already standing on skis. For those who do not even have their own equipment, you can use a rental. Anyone can ski and it does not depend on their age, gender or physical abilities. Skiing is also good for your health and helps strengthen your knee joints. 

Soccer. All the boys in the yard play ball, watching soccer championships and dream to grow up to be a famous soccer player. Some people's desires change with age and the ball is thrown far into the mezzanine, but there's no need to be so radical. Find mates willing to play soccer on a Saturday night, get your team together and enjoy the exciting hobby. There are soccer fields in almost any yard, and in the winter you can practice in the gym of some school. And that goes for almost any group sport on the list below.



Ping pong. I don't think you can find a person who hasn't enjoyed playing table tennis. A fun game requires an opponent, a table, a pair of rackets, and a ball. Tennis tables are often set up in schools, universities and even at work so that employees can relax. Want to play a game of ping pong? Look for clubs in your city, the price of classes, usually not more than 200 rubles. Having mastered the skills of the game, you can take part in tournaments.

Swimming and aqua aerobics. Few people have a 10-meter swimming pool in the backyard of the house, but that's no reason not to go swimming. In summer you can go to the beach and swim in the river / lake / pond / sea, and in colder seasons is better to move into the indoor pool. By the way, a subscription to the pool is about two thousand rubles a month (in a provincial town), and given how many swimming complexes built throughout the country, swimming has become as affordable hobby.I would also like to note that swimming is very good for health, especially for those who spend much time in a sitting position, for example, at the computer. During swimming many muscles are involved, but at the same time it is possible to maintain a low load for quite a long time.  Swimming helps to train your lungs and cardiovascular system. If you want to stay or become healthy as long as possible - accustom yourself to swimming.

Go-karting and ATVs. Many more or less major cities have go-carts, but it's quite an expensive hobby. For example, in my city it costs 400 rubles to ride for 10 minutes. For those who want to engage in a lot more often and longer - there are special subscriptions. And for children there are free sections where it all starts with the history of karting, device of the car and later they go into practice.

Horseback riding. An ideal hobby for those who love horses. Horseback riding can be practiced from the age of 10. One can try to ride a horse at any hippodrome. The normal price is from 1500 rubles per lesson. But keep in mind that this is a rather dangerous sport, although pleasant.

Hunting and fishing. Standard man's kit. You can go fishing in any city or village, where there is a pond. Arm yourself with a folding chair, a thermos, a spinning rod and go fishing. This is a year-round hobby, since you can catch fish in the winter, but you need more equipment.

Skateboarding. Everyone has seen this uncomplicated vehicle that consists of a board on four small wheels. Advantages of a skateboard: compact, easy to store, easy to use, authentic, you can not go fast (it may be a minus, but in terms of safety - plus), it's cheap. Many cities already have special sites for trick riders and there is always a place to ride. Remember the movie about Walter Mitty and with what pleasure he conquered the expanse of Iceland on a skateboard? Skateboarding can be done at any age, it's not just a hobby for teenagers. Do what you like!

Bicycle. I'm sure that every second person has a bicycle. Let not high-speed, and simple and old, but it is there! So why not ride a bike more often, for example, in the summer to work or in the evenings to ride around town. It's good for your health, it allows you to save on fares, and it makes the environment a little cleaner, if you previously rode in a car.


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