Actor Alec Baldwin shot the cameraman and injured the director on set

On the set of the film Rust, starring Alec Baldwin, a shooting incident resulted in the death of cameraman Galina Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Sousa. The gun used as a prop and fired by Baldwin was supposed to be loaded with blank cartridges. However, when the gun was fired, the bullet, or its fragments, struck two people who were nearby. They were the director of photography and the cameraman. The director of the film had a damaged collarbone, the operator was taken in a critical condition by ambulance to hospital, where she died from her injuries. No charges have been brought against the actor yet.

Later in the investigation, Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office spokesman Juan Rios confirmed that Baldwin himself was the shooter. No charges have yet been filed against the actor. Baldwin and the other actors were not injured in the incident. Filming has been temporarily suspended. Police are on the set questioning witnesses and have already interviewed the actor. The Santa Fe New Mexican caught the actor after questioning him at the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office.


The cause of the tragedy could have been a malfunction with the props.

According to the source, Baldwin could not have known about the type of ammunition the gun was loaded with. Usually the first assistant director and a prop specialist are responsible for safety on the set with firearms. This is not the first time on the set of the movie, when due to the malfunction of a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blank cartridges, a person was killed. In October 1983, actor John-Eric Hexham died on the set of the TV series "Conspiracy" after shooting himself in the head with a loaded gun with blanks. And in 1993 the son of Bruce Lee, actor Brandon Lee died on the set of "The Crow" when he was shot by another actor with a faulty gun.


The deceased was a native of Ukraine.

The deceased cameraman Galina Hutchins was born in Ukraine. She graduated in international journalism from Kiev University, after which she worked with British documentary filmmakers as an investigative journalist. In the early 2010s, Hutchins moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. Over the years she worked on various film projects as a lighting technician and production assistant, and in 2015 she graduated from the American Film Institute (AFI) Film School and became a cameraman. Her work as a cinematographer includes Darling (2019), The Nemesis (2020), and A Stray Bullet (2020). In 2019, American Cinematographer magazine included Hutchins in its annual list of rising stars in the camerawork profession.


The crew is shocked by what happened

An official statement about the incident was made by a spokesman for Rust Movies Production LLC, the production company behind "Rust." "The entire crew is absolutely shocked by today's tragedy. We offer our deepest condolences to Galina's family and loved ones. Everyone involved in the filming of the picture will be able to get psychological help from a specialist while we try to get over these monstrous events," the statement reads.


The plot of "Rusty" deals with an accidental murder

The western "Rust," on the set of which the accident occurred, was filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the story, a 13-year-old boy, along with his younger brother, orphaned after the death of his parents, goes on the run with his grandfather, sentenced to death after the accidental murder of a farmer. The role of the grandfather is played by Alec Baldwin, who also co-wrote and produced the picture. The film also stars actor Travis Fimmel, known from the "Vikings" series. For director Joel Sousa, who was injured on the set, this is the third film of his career after "Breaking Bad Night" and "Police Sedan."


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