Advantage And Disadvantage Of Internet

The internet is a place where we can do various things such as streaming video, playing games and searching for information.  The internet has made it easier for anyone in various parts of the world.  But behind it all there are advantages and disadvantages of the internet.  This of course makes us have to be careful in using the internet.  Because there are many things that can harm us.  What are:

 A. Advantages of the Internet

 1. Easy and Fast Information Access

 The internet consists of various kinds of urls that we can choose from.  In short, we just have to write on google what we want.  Then what we are looking for will immediately appear.  This makes it easier for us to find information from various parts of the world.  Both in western and eastern countries.  In addition, the internet can also complete our requests in just seconds.  No need to wait long anymore.  We just have to have a little internet quota to get started.

 2. Expanding Social Networks

 With Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  We can connect with each other.  Communicate even if not face to face and share with each other.  This of course makes us have unlimited connections.  Every day we can have more friends.  I don't know if the goal is just a fad or a business relationship.

 3. Facilitate Financial Transactions

 With the electronic banking system we can manage our finances easily.  Wherever we are we can access it in just minutes.  There are many online banks listed in the playstore ready to be downloaded by anyone who needs them.

 4. Make it easier to find addresses

 The invention of the internet as well as GPS has helped us determine the location of a place.  Anywhere we want to go.  We can use this service whenever we want.  No need to worry about getting lost.

 B. Lack of Internet

 1. Become a Cyber ​​Crime Site

 Day by day we are getting to know various crimes such as fraud, piracy, and theft have occurred because of the presence of the internet.  This of course makes us upset as well as harming various parties.

 2. Spam Appears

 Spam is another term for unwanted advertisements or messages that go unnoticed.  This is certainly quite disturbing us.  Because the more spam that comes in, the more difficult it is for us to deal with it.  We have to remove it as soon as possible.

 3. Addicted Shopping

 The more online store sites, the more people shop because of the promos from various online stores.  This makes anyone can be a waste of money.  Although we can feel the benefits too.

 4. Impact on Children

 There is a lot of content that is not good for children.  There is no age restriction.  Making them more susceptible to being affected by things that are not good for them.  As a result they grow into what they don't want in the end.  Like jumping from a high place which is clearly dangerous.  Just for joining in.

 Therefore it is better for us to be wiser in using the internet.  So that we do not get bad effects in using the internet itself.  Regardless of who is using the internet.  Many unwanted things often happen.  With more wisdom, it is hoped that we can avoid things that won't be desired by all of us.


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