Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing


Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing.


Digital marketing is a broad term in which various types of marketing techniques can be used to advertise and sell the products in the market. We are a digital marketing consultancy and people can come to us to avail of our services. There are many types of services that we provide and this includes SEO, PPC, email marketing, and many others.

The benefits of digital marketing of all sizes by providing access to the mass market at a reasonable price. It allows personalized marketing such as TV and print media for business.

 Advantages of digital marketing

The main benefit of digital marketing is that a targeted customer can reach at a reduced cost and measurable way. There are some other advantages of digital marketing are as given below –

  • Businesses have to use only a small budget to reach customers globally through websites.
  • A digital marketing campaign can reach the targeted customer at an affordable price as compared with traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing can be used in global advertising that enables companies to promote worldwide. Thus, the company can easily expand its own business all over the world by using digital marketing. It is one of the most important features of digital marketing.
  • The promotion of your brand and products are very easy by using digital marketing at an affordable price
  • The advertising of the products will work for continuous 24 hours to their customers
  • Analytics tools can be used to track the results of marketing.
  • Content marketing techniques are a good choice for digital marketing.
  • It creates engaging campaigns by using content marketing tactics, images, video articles that can gain social currency and being passed from customer to customer that becomes viral.
  • Conversion becomes easy with the help of the website. Customers can be attracted to purchase the products.
  • Small business and companies can also advertise their products through digital marketing campaigns at an affordable price.

Disadvantages of digital marketing 

There are some of the disadvantages of digital marketing are as given below –

  • The staff has to be trained to use the tools for digital marketing.
  • The employers have to do some time-consuming tasks like optimizing advertising campaigns, creating and editing content, and many more.
  • Any negative feedback of your brand and products can be visible to customers by using several social media websites that may harmful to your reputation.
  • Digital marketing creates the toughest competition as the increase in the number of companies and users and creates pressure to maintain brand and products.
  • The whole business is depending on technology by using digital marketing.  So, if any internet breakdown occurs then the whole work will stop and great loss on that day.
  • The website and important data of any company should be protected by using firewalls and Virtual Private Network (VPN). If any mistake then the website may be a hacked and that will be harmful for the reputation.
  • The main drawback of digital marketing may be a lack of trust among customers for online companies due to exclusive special offers that appear to be a scammer.


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