Advantages of Internet and Computer Use Around the World

The computer and Internet have helped us to increase the communication among people all over the world. It has also helped us in many other fields like medicine, science and education etc.

Computer and the Internet have become an integral part of our daily lives. The computer and Internet enable us to communicate instantly with other people at a distance, communicate electronically and exchange information electronically. It has resulted in the development of new industries like social networking websites, online shopping, online entertainment among others.

It’s a medium for communication and sharing ideas within the world. With internet one can get all information he needs at any part of the world.

A computer is a device that can be used to store, retrieve and perform data. The computer can serve as an information service, a communications service and a transactional system. Every item in the world has its own form of it – such as water, stone or paper.

Computer and internet are the backbone of our world. It has brought about numerous benefits for the people throughout the world, helping them connect with one another in ways never before imagined.

Computers and the Internet provide us with the ability to communicate, share information and resources. The benefits of computers and the Internet are great and are always increasing.

The internet is a massive source of information and entertainment. Computer and internet have become a vast part of our daily life. It has brought information, entertainment, communication and commercial services to billions of people worldwide.

The computer and Internet have changed the communication world for good in the modern era. The widespread availability of these two innovations have been very helpful for both personal and commercial purposes. It allows individuals to communicate with each other more efficiently than ever in the past. Moreover, it plays an important role in maintaining public order, which makes it a necessity for developing countries like India, Pakistan and other countries of the world.

There are many benefits of computer and internet throughout the world. The first and foremost benefit of computer is that it has enabled communication with people across the globe through email, Instagram and other social media websites. In addition to this, computer has enabled businesses to interact directly with customers through websites such as amazon, Facebook and Twitter which provide the opportunity to sell their products while they are on a daily basis.


When you are speaking about the benefits of computer and internet, it is really important to know that these two helps us in many ways. There are a lot of people who find benefit from computer as well as internet. If you think about it then you will find out that there are millions of people who use this technology to communicate with each other via emails, phone calls and social media sites like Facebook etc.


In this world of Technology revolution, we have seen a great improvement in the field of computers, Internet and mobile phones. The benefits have been there to enjoy by all globally. In a nutshell, Computer and internet have become indispensable inventions that are needed in every human activity.


Computer and Internet are especially important for people with intellectual disabilities, because they allow them to communicate more effectively with family, friends and support providers.  Through computer and internet access, websites and interactive technology, people living with intellectual disabilities can learn about the services available in their community, gain access to information about senior issues such as healthy aging and disability self-management.

The benefits of computers and the internet across the world are many, especially as it relates to education, communication, job creation and economic growth. Computer & internet are important to the world. They help us in so many ways and make our life better.


The use of computers and the Internet has reached all corners of the world. Economic, political and social activities in every country have greatly benefited from the availability of this new technology.


The computer makes it possible for us to communicate with each other, do research, keep track of our time and finances, take care of our health, buy things online, receive mail, place orders and have access to information like school lessons.


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