Advice From Thirty-year-olds, Mistakes in Relationships.

1. I myself can write and write about this error.

Strong and independent women of the 21st century are used to coping with everything themselves. And to carry a suitcase, and to change a wheel, and to screw in a light bulb is a mere trifle for a resident of the stone jungle.  And when we finally meet a man with whom we want to go through life, we need to drop all independence and let him help. You are a woman, fragile and beautiful, and he is the one who should protect, help and take care of you. Otherwise, the man feels unnecessary and finds the one to whom his support is more important. 

"I got divorced two years ago. And all because I realized late that a man should feel like a superhero in the eyes of the woman he loves. Bury your "I myself" deeper and give him a chance to save you"

2. Everything that "before" does not count

One of the biggest mistakes a woman makes in a relationship is comparing with a former young man. "And Dima didn't do that..", "AND Sasha and I went to the movies.".. The partner should feel that he is the best. Forget that you had someone before, start with a clean slate and you will cease to be one of them.  

3. "Do you love me?" - "Yeah"

Do you remember the song where children sing about love? So, get her out of your head! You can't ask a man about love, especially 10 times a day. Firstly, he may think that you don't trust him. Secondly, this is an occasion to seriously reflect on your question. What if the answer is not what you expect? 

"When I first got married, I wanted to hear that my husband loves me every minute. And after a while I realized that every time he says it with more and more detachment. I stopped asking. And when he says it himself now, I feel how dear these sincere words are to him."

4. One, two, three and down the aisle

Already on the third date, she expects him to get down on one knee and propose to her. Then a month passes, the second, and he still does not decide… Tears, hysteria, wine with friends. And all because already at 15 she chose the names of future children, drew a dress and looked at the place of the ceremony. All that was missing was a prince on a white horse. And now I finally found it. What to expect? For men, thank God, everything is arranged quite differently. And if you really want to build a long relationship with a guy, forget the phrase "where are we going" and enjoy love. 

"All the girls are in a rush to get married, have children and live in a beautiful castle. At the same time, they all forget that the relationship between a man and a woman is already a holiday. Family, children, comfort, everything is sure to be. Don't push him, just be with him!"

5. I made it out of what was 

Handsome, smart, rich. That's just getting rid of the beard, we'll take off our sneakers and change our hobbies. They corrected it, brought it up, and, bam, he stopped liking it. He became different, not the same as he was, uninteresting ... Lovely girls, a man is not clay, and it will not work out of him.  Love and accept him as he is.

"I met a guy in my 20s, chubby, with glasses, stupid shirts, but so cheerful. After three months of the relationship, I lost weight, changed glasses for lenses and even bought a couple of suits. That's just become boring, to the horror."

6. Blah blah blah

Now all the readers are nodding their heads together, because our next mistake is that we like to talk a lot. Especially when it comes to feelings and his. "You did it, and then you looked at me like that, I felt it, and after 15 minutes I already knew that ..." and all in the same spirit. A man likes everything to be short, clear and to the point. No lengthy speeches about girlish feelings and all sorts of romantic nonsense. Have pity on your mc!

7. Total control

This is how you can call the behavior of some annoying and overly caring people. Overprotection is the most common female mistake in a relationship with the opposite sex. Frequent calls, thousands of questions, reading his mail will not only not help to be closer to your betrothed, but on the contrary will scare the hell out of him. Accept that your man is an adult independent person who wants to be trusted. 

"I went through surveillance, espionage, and re-reading SMS-ok. I want to tell you that it never leads to good. If you don't trust your lover, then why build anything at all?"

8. Puzzles, guesses 

Every woman should learn one golden rule, "say what you want." Men's insides are arranged in such a way that they cannot physically understand hints. But no, we will go three hundred times to hint that we like these shoes and we will be bitterly offended when another frying pan turns out to be under the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve. So if you want him to throw out the trash or take you to the movies, don't beat around the bush, talk straight to the forehead. The effect will be immediate. 

9. Invasion of the country

"Independence" Today we watched "Bridget Jones's Diary", we bought a dog, we are going on vacation to Goa… When two people start dating, inevitably the pronoun I is replaced by the equally important we. The main thing is not to forget that your boyfriend is a bright personality and he vitally needs a personal space where he would rest from you. Whether it's fishing, bowling or modeling. Do not encroach on his independence, and he will be grateful to you. 

"He and I loved each other so much that we literally dissolved into each other. We stopped communicating with friends, abandoned hobbies, were together for days. And at some point they realized that it became difficult to breathe. It is important not to miss the moment when vegetable stew turns out instead of two halves."

10. Stop believing 

Last and most important: appreciate it! Mistakes in a relationship with a man are not always obvious. So when you stop being afraid of losing, get used to it or become confident that it will not go anywhere, the end is inevitable. A relationship is a long road over a suspension bridge over a precipice, where you have to hold hands otherwise you will fall. Always, no matter what happens, believe in yourself, in him, and in your strong feelings.

It is always easy to make a mistake, but it often becomes difficult to correct a mistake in a relationship and at the same time keep a twinkle in your eyes. Appreciate, love and respect each other!


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