Age and nutrition

Cholesterol and an unhealthy diet take their toll. Over time, the blood vessels wear down, become less elastic, the inner walls become covered with accumulated cholesterol, and their lumen narrows considerably. 

Blood supply to all organs and systems decreases, especially the brain suffers severely, a person begins to complain of high blood pressure. This leads to strokes, heart attacks and many chronic diseases.

In order to clear the blood vessels, it is enough to buy one of the popular medications. One bad thing - they have many side effects, they negatively affect the liver and kidneys. 

Therefore, it is better to use the recipes of folk medicine. Today we will tell you about an effective German method of cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol plaques and calcium deposits. 

The composition of this medicine is completely natural, it brings tremendous benefits (and not only to the vessels).

For its preparation you will need: 

4 lemons; 

A small piece of ginger; 

2 liters of water; 

4-5 cloves of garlic; 

2 tbsp. honey.


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