Agniveer Exam 2022 In Kanpur

Agniveer Exam 2022: Before taking Agniveer's exam, the full-sleeve shirt was taken off, in Kanpur, the candidates gave the exam barefoot wearing a vest


Agniveer Exam 2022 In Kanpur, tomorrow 33150 candidates will take the Agniveer exam in 17 centers. 

There will be examination in three shifts. 

Police outside the centers and Air Force officers inside are handling the responsibility. 

In the first shift, the full-sleeve shirt was removed for safety.

Kanpur, Jagran Correspondent. 

The examination for the recruitment of Agniveers has started in Kanpur from today. 

17 centers have been set up in Kanpur. 

Today the exam is being conducted in three shifts. 

The examinees who came for the examination were seen without vest and without slippers and shoes. 

Due to security, full sleeve shirt and T-shirt were taken off as well as shoes and slippers were also taken off. 

After which the boys took the exam by wearing a vest. 

The first shift started at 8:45 am and the exam went on till 10:10 am. 

For the recruitment of Agniveers in the Air Force, 33,150 candidates will be involved in Kanpur. 

This exam is being held online. 

The command inside the center will be handled by the Air Force personnel, while the security arrangements outside are in the hands of the police. 

Those who applied for Agniveer Examination in three shifts: The examination has been conducted at 17 centers set up in Kakadev, Panki, Rawatpur, Chakeri, Bithoor, Barra, Kalyanpur, Hanumant Vihar, Maharajpur, Sachendi in the city. 

The exam will be held in three shifts.

The candidates of the first shift will have to reach the center at 7:30 am.

The exam will start at 8:45 am.

The candidates of the second shift will have to reach the center by 11:30 am.

Whereas the candidates of third shift will have to reach the examination center at 3.15 pm.

650 candidates will take the exam at a center in a shift.

The exam will be online in which optional questions will be asked.

The questions will be in both Hindi and English language.

Candidates must bring the admit card and the original copy of the Aadhar card for identification.        

The Agniveer examination of the Air Force began on Sunday morning under tight security. 

Examinations are being conducted in 11 Commissionerate centers in Kanpur Nagar and six centers in Kanpur Outer. 

During this, in view of the security preparations in the examination centers, the foot sleeve shirts and T-shirts of the candidates were taken off outside the examination centers. 

Candidates had to take the exam barefoot. 

However, no disturbance was reported in the first shift.

All the internal arrangements at Agniveer examination centers have been made by the Air Force. 

Along with this, the Police Commissionerate Kanpur Nagar has taken the lead to manage the security and crowd outside the bus station and railway station examination centers. 

All the examination centers are being monitored by CCTV cameras. 

A control room has been set up to monitor all the cameras, from where all the activities happening inside and outside the examination center are being closely monitored. 

They are also being recorded. 

Quick response teams have also been set up for all the examination centers of Kanpur Nagar.

When the examination started in the morning, the candidates were allowed inside the examination center only after a strict security check. 

The clothes of the candidates who came wearing foot shirts and T-shirts were taken out of the examination centers. 

There was no interference with the half-shirts. 

Those who were wearing shoes were allowed inside barefoot. 

Apart from this, no candidate was allowed to enter with a mask on. 

Those who had loose coins were asked to come with the coins out. 

The second shift examination also started amidst tight security. 

31875 candidates will give paper in 16 examination centers of Kanpur city.

Examination being held at these 17 centers


- The Learning Space Near ICICI Bank Kakadev


- Lakshya Online Mock Assessment Center Near Bl Auto Petrol Pump Kakadev


- Ramlakhan Mahavidyalaya Bhausingh Main Highway NH-2 Panki


- Uma Digital Zone Keshavpuram Housing Development Kalyanpur


- Indian Institute of Global Sanigawan Road KR Puram Dehli

Behind ShreeSN Technologies Maqsoodabad BPC Petrol Pump Kalyanpur Shivli Road (Two centers have been built here)


Scholar Computer Institute-1 W-2 Damodar Nagar (Two centers have been built he


- Shubhasti Skill Development Center Ambedkar Puram Housing Development Kalyan


- Ruprani Infotech Ruprani Sukhnandan Singh Mahavidyalaya Hamirpur Road Nauba


- Allenhouse Institute of Technology Kulgaon Road Ruma (two centers have been built here)stapurre)

RCRD Girls College NH-2 Chakarpur Mandi Jugrajpur Sachendi (Two centers have been built here)


- RCRD Online Assessment NH-2 Chakarpur Mandi Jugrajpur Sachendi (Two centers have been built here)


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