*Airdrop Alert* — Everyone Get Free 18$ Worth of $DBM Token

Hello friends today I find out a app called DBMETA which is giving away 30,000 $DBM token (18$) to its early users only for a limited time. Follow below steps and claim your 30,000 $DBM token for free.


What is DBMETA (DBM):-

DBM is a self-developed POW NFT consensus mechanism. DBM can be used as a currency in e-commerce in METAVERSE. In the future, DBM will gradually be applied in advertising, GAMEFI and DeFi areas. it will also energise the industries including real estate, social and media.

At this stage DBM can used as a currency in e-commerce application. Equivalent value will be rewarded for purchasing products, Here customers are also a beneficiaries. Certain amount of DBM can also be earned via sharing, which means casual time will also be valued. By using blockchain and distributed accounting technology users can obtain $DBM token via mobile phone staking mining with zero investment.


How to Join:

  1. First go to this link
  2. Next, Enter your email address
  3. Put your verification code which is sent to your email (check Promotion and Junk Tab For the code)
  4. Enter password and confirm it
  5. Now enter this refferal code: 186468 (Important: if you don’t put this refferal code you will only get 10000 $DBM token)

Now you successfully Registered. now click here and download the app and login with your email and password (after Login you will see that your 30,000 $DBM token is credited)


How to Earn More $DBM token:

This application has some amazing features which are mension below:



In this app you can mine and earn $DBM token for free. You can earn 1 $DBM token per hour, which can be increase in future.



you can also earn by invite Your friends in this app. When Your friend register with your refferal code you and your friend both will get 30,000 $DBM token (18$) for free.


Note: This is a limited time offer. Register now and enjoy the benefit. More features will be available in future so install now and use the app.


For more details visit there website: https://www.dbmeta.org


Disclaimer: Please do your own research (DYOR) before joining to any airdrops project. also airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any money for receiving airdrop tokens. Also we don’t recommend you to invest in any new projects, just join airdrop for free


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