Airplane Passenger Caught Using Fake Identity While Smoking in Toilet

A West Australian man is expected to appear before Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday 29 October 2021. He is suspected of traveling under a false name and smoking on board.


Australian Federal Police officers in South Australia charged the man after he was called to meet the airline from Perth on 30 August 2021. He was reported by a passenger to be smoking in the airplane toilet during the flight 

When officers questioned the passenger, he allegedly provided his electronic itinerary on behalf of a 20-year-old Perth man. However, he did not have any identity.


Police allege he then told officers other details showing he was older than 20 years. An investigation by AFP revealed the man was actually 26 years old and he was allegedly using the name of a relative.


The man was charged with flying using an air passenger ticket obtained using false information, contrary to article 376.4(2) of the 1995 Criminal Code (E.g. He also smoked on an airplane, contrary to article 255(1A) of the 1988 Civil Aviation Regulations.


The man also provided false information to commonwealth officials, contrary to article 137.1 of the 1995 Criminal Code (Cth). AFP Acting Superintendent Michael Smith said fraudulent use of identity and travel documents could facilitate other criminal activities.


"AFP is working closely with our partners to protect the traveling public from any potential security threats," said Acting Superintendent Smith. "Smoking is prohibited on Australian aircraft for the safety and comfort of other passengers and we will enforce this law."


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