Airtel Offering Rs. 6,000 Cashback on Purchase of Select New Smartphones: All Details You Need to Know

Airtel has announced a new cashback initiative for its prepaid subscribers, wherein they will get Rs. 6,000 cashback on purchase of select smartphones. The cashback can be availed by customers who purchase a smartphone priced up to Rs. 12,000. Airtel says that over 150 smartphones are eligible for this benefit. The cashback is given only if a user recharges with an Airtel pack of Rs. 249 or more (with 1.5GB /day data and above) continuously for 36 months. The cashback is offered in two instalments – the first one comes in after 18 months and is priced at Rs. 2,000, whereas the second one of Rs. 4,000 comes in after 36 months.


Section 1: Airtel's Cashback Offer on Select New Smartphones


As per Airtel's press note, the telecom operator will give Rs. 2,000 cashback in the first 18 months and then the second Rs. 4,000 cashback will be provided if the customer recharges their handset with Rs. 249 or more a month for 36 months. As per Airtel's terms and conditions, the cashback will be deposited into the customer's account within 72 hours after the recharge is done. The cashback will only be credited to the customer's My Airtel account after the 18-month period.


Section 2: Cashback Linked to Monthly Data Usage


As per Airtel's terms and conditions, once the recharge is done, a customer can access the cashback on MyAirtel app by accessing the link provided by the company and paying Rs. 249 or more (with 1.5GB /day data and above) to Airtel's network.


Eligible smartphones


Airtel has listed smartphones that are eligible for this cashback programme, which include the likes of LG Q Stylus (3GB RAM + 32GB ROM), LG Q6 (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM), LG Q6 (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM), and the Nokia 8 (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM). As an Airtel subscriber, you can get a maximum of 6,000 cashback. The list of phones includes the above mentioned smartphones, as well as the likes of Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Sony Xperia XZ1, Xiaomi Mi A1, and more. The list is as follows -


Wondering which of these smartphones you can buy with the cashback? We have listed the four smartphones on Airtel's website -


LG Q6 (4GB RAM + 32GB ROM) - Rs. 14,900


Sony Xperia XZ Premium (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM) - Rs. 35,990


Nokia 8 (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM) - Rs. 24,999


Xiaomi Mi A1 (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM) - Rs.


How to avail the offer


To avail the offer, the customers first have to visit and click on the "Smartphones" banner on the homepage. They need to open the MyAirtel app and then click on "Promotions". Under the "Smartphones Offers", they will see the smartphone under which the cashback is being availed. They will then have to hit the "Buy Now" button. They will be redirected to the Airtel store, where they can purchase the smartphone by clicking on the "Buy Now" button. It is worth noting that the cashback will be credited to the user's account within 48 hours of the purchase. The company claims that there is no set-off for the first 18 months as it will be phased out over time.


Airtel is also running a contest on Twitter where people can get the chance to win cashbacks worth Rs. 5,000, Rs.


Terms and Conditions


To avail the offer, a customer will have to go to the Airtel online store, and they will have to click on the "promotion" section. The customer then has to select a smartphone that they want to buy from the online store and the smartphone will be immediately added to the cart and placed inside the 'My Bill' section.


The customer then has to go to the e-commerce portal of Airtel via the mobile browser and click on the "promotion" section once again. This time, a red 'Buy Now' button will be visible. Airtel subscribers will then have to click on the 'promotion' button and purchase the smartphone. The cashback will then be credited to the Airtel prepaid user's account, where it will show up as a notification under the 'My Airtel app' section.


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