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The Akita-inu is a Japanese dog breed that originated on the island of Honshu. The Akita-inu breed is the largest Japanese spitz dog. The Akita-inu dog is a true hunter. For a very long time, they were used to hunt deer, wild boars and even bears. The breed of dog Akita-inu is a national treasure of Japan. Below you will find a description of the Akita Inu and photos, learn about the character of the Akita Inu, and find useful information about the care and upkeep of the Japanese Akita Inu dog.

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Description of the Akita-inu breedHistory of the Akita-inu breedAkita-inuChildren Akita-inuHousing and care of Akita-inuDescription of the Akita-inu breed A description of the Akita-inu breed should begin with the size of these dogs. The Japanese Akita-inu is a large hunting dog breed that was bred in the mountains of northern Japan. The height at the withers of males ranges from 65 to 70 cm, and females from 60 to 65 cm. Weight of the Akita-inu is 40-50 kg. Life expectancy Akita-inu is 12-14 years. Dogs of breed Akita-inu are well and proportionally built, have a strong muscular body, high, large paws and a large head in the form of an inverted triangle. The Akita-inu dog looks somewhat like a wolf, a fox and a bear at the same time. This breed has small dark brown eyes, a large black nose, a short neck, and a broad chest. The ears of the Akita-inu are pointed upwards and slightly forward, and the tail, curled into a ring, lies on its back. Breed Akita-inu has a very unusual and original appearance, than immediately attracts the eye. Japanese Akita-inu looks proud and majestic, which definitely distinguishes it from other breeds. Dog breed Akita-inu most often has a red color with white urazhiro (this is when the coat on the muzzle, chest, abdomen and the inner surface of the legs white). There are also all-white Akita-inu and tiger-colored with white urajiro. The coat of the Akita-inu is very thick and consists of several layers, due to what the dog looks like plush. The description of the Akita-inu states that only the presence of all three layers of fur makes the appearance of the dog meet the standards. The uppermost layer is the longest, coarsest and straightest, the middle layer is shorter but also quite tough. The last layer is the undercoat, it is the softest and thickest. The longest coat is on the tail of the Akita-inu. Also, the shoulder blades and pant legs in these dogs have a slightly longer coat than the other parts of the body. There are Akita-inu with shorter or longer coats, but in any case, the coat must meet the required standards. History of the Akita-inu breed Today, the Akita-inu breed is best known for the legendary dog called Hachiko. Everyone has probably seen the reverent movie about how the faithful dog waited for his master. The history of the Akita-inu breed dates back to ancient times, as evidenced by found remains and preserved drawings. Scientific research has shown that the Akita-inu is one of the oldest breeds both in Japan and in the world. The Akita-inu was bred in the northeastern part of Honshu Island, in Akita Province, as a hunting and guarding dog. Hence the name of the breed, in Japanese "inu" means dog, and the prefix "Akita" is the name of the area where the breed originated. In Japan, clubs were founded by lovers of these dogs, where instructions on the content, breeding and training were compiled. Special books were kept where information about the dogs was recorded. Also in the surviving documents it was stated that Akita-inu dogs took part in fights, which were soon banned. And if at first the breed of Akita-inu dogs was a peasant dog, they soon became the elite pets of aristocrats and emperors. In Japan, the dog Akita-inu became a sacred dog, and to offend it, meant to sign his own death sentence, for offence very strictly punished.

A society for the protection of the Japanese Akita-inu breed was founded. Eventually this breed became available only to the highest rulers and their families. Perhaps this turn in the history of the breed Akita-inu has allowed it to survive in its purebred form to this day. After all, these dogs were well kept at court. However, during World War II, the Akita-inu dog breed did not go through the best of times. American soldiers crossed the Japanese Akita-inu with a mastiff and a German shepherd dog. Thus, a new breed was bred - the American Akita, which you can see in the photo below. Character of the Akita-inu The popularity of these dogs is growing not only because of their interesting appearance, but also because of the amazing character of the Akita-inu.

These dogs are intelligent, brave and reserved, just like the Japanese themselves. The character of the Akita-inu is characterized by a calm and even temperament. These dogs are very balanced and aggressive outbursts are not peculiar to them. Of course, if the life of the dog threatens the owner's life, it will show its reaction, but first it will thoroughly study the situation. Akita-inu dogs are excellent hunters and guards by nature. The character of Akita-inu is very friendly and inquisitive, these dogs are literally everywhere with their curious nose, especially


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