Alcohol. Sugar. Breath. What's the connection?

Alcohol. Sugar. Breath. What's the connection?

Alcohol should be looked at in the same way as sugar.

Excessive consumption of sugar leads to the destruction of B vitamins, which are essential for nervous processes. 

Everything you eat is sugar. 

Bread is starch, sugar. 

Potatoes are starch, sugar. 

Meat is glycogen, sugar. 

Fat is broken down to sugar.

There is no shortage of sugar, but potato bread and other foods have B vitamins that help the body process sugar.

If you consume pure sugar, the content of B vitamins in the nervous system, tissues decreases. 

Above all, the nervous system suffers.

Alcohol depresses breathing, decreases breathing.

But then, when the alcohol breaks down to acidic products, there is a displacement of carbon dioxide.

With a hangover, there is a reaction of deep breathing, headache, weakness, and nausea. 

If you reduce your breathing, these phenomena will pass. 

Deep breathing actually makes our body drunk.

It also causes oxygen deprivation in the tissues, just as alcohol does. 

A deep-breathing person is a half-drunk person. 

Alcohol itself is a product of the breakdown of sugar. 

Therefore, its physiological action is similar to that of sugar. 

You can drink a little, the main thing is to know the measure.


Do not use pure sugar.

Do not drink a lot of alcohol.

Reduce the depth of your breath.

Constantly reducing the depth of your breathing increases the level of carbon dioxide to normal and improves the work of our whole body.

The brain begins to work better.

And, as a consequence, the person gets his mind back.

Help yourself! 


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