Alenka salad recipe



Champignons -150 grams;

Onions - 1 pc;

Vegetable oil (for frying mushrooms and onions) - 3 tbsp;

Crab Sticks - 100 grams;

Fresh cucumber - 1 pc;

Hard-boiled egg - 2 pcs;

Mayonnaise - 5 tbsp;

Salt - to taste.

                  Cooking process

Salad "Alenka" is very popular on the Internet. Such attention to it is explained, first of all, by the available set of ingredients, bright and light taste. Try to cook it, believe me, it will take a worthy place on the festive tabl


First, heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, fry chopped mushrooms and onions. Fry until fully cooked.


Cut the fresh cucumber into small cubes.


Crab sticks cut into thin slices.


Boil hard-boiled eggs, shred with a fork.


Put all chopped products into one bowl, add cooled fried mushrooms with onions.

Making the salad Alenka.

Add salt, mayonnaise. Stir and serve.

Alenka salad recipe

                      Bon appetit!


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