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Technology is classified into various categories. Each of them has its own distinctive objective but the basic motive of all of them is the same. It is to design as well as manufacture newer devices so as to make your life more comfortable. Let us look at the various types of technologies in detail.


Industrial Technology


In this kind of technology, deployment, manufacture and engineering of the technology is done for the development of machines and other technological devices. With the help of incorporating these technologies, it makes the manufacturing process quick, simple and highly efficient.


Alternative Technology


One of the best parts of this technology is that it is found to be environment friendly when compared with the other prevailing technologies in the current scenario. A few examples of alternative technology are


wind mills to generate electricity,

the procedure of composting,

solar devices and solar panels,


anaerobic digestion,

vegetable oil,

wind generators, and

grey-water recycling

Architectural Technology


This type of technology helps in designing as well as developing buildings. You can see it as one of the major parts of building engineering and architecture. It is linked with advancements in building science.


Creative Technology


Creative technology involves use of product design, art, and advertising with the help of software based, data-driven and electronic device. Creative technology includes usage of three-dimensional computer graphics, printing, wearable technology and virtual reality too for the development of new equipment and devices.


Assistive Technology


As the name implies, assistive technology involves making different types of services and goods to assist people with varying disabilities. This type of technology makes use of non-electronic aids, non-mechanical, electronic, mechanical, microprocessor-based devices and exclusive instructional services and materials to help disabled people in functioning and learning. It makes the environment easy to access for them.


Low Technology


Low technology is seen as a simple form of technology that doesn’t use non-mechanical things for the development of new objects. This type of technology was used prior to the industrial revolution. One good side of this technology is that a business can practice it with low capital investment. It should be noted that this technology isn’t able to produce high-end devices.


Information Technology


Information technology involves the use of telecommunication and computer systems to store, study, retrieve and send information. One of the commonest examples of this technology is the Internet.


Instructional Technology


An instructional technology is related to the development, management, assessment and utilization of the different resources and procedures of learning and teaching. Its sole objective is to produce effective and engaging learning experiences.


Medical Technology


This technology manufactures various types of equipment and devices to identify, and treat varying forms of medical conditions that affect animals and human beings.


Micro Technology


Micro technology is considered as a technology that uses a special science called microelectronics in building new technological products. It 1960, scientists found that when microscopic transistors are brought together on a single chip, then it develops microelectronic circuits that enhances functionality and performance at a less cost.


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