All about the zorov lifestyle

There are many factors that affect our health. It is not difficult to maintain your body in a "working" form, although it requires some effort.

One of the key points in this complex is the observance of a healthy and balanced diet. If fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, milk, fish and meat appear in the diet every day, you can be sure that the body receives vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining vital activity. And daily 2 liters of clean drinking water will help slow down premature wear and aging of the body.

The second important point in maintaining health is movement. Sedentary lifestyle is the main enemy of our organisms. Experts have long calculated the optimal number of steps per day: there should be at least 10,000 of them. And if you add sports training to this minimum, you can forget about early old age and diseases.

But even compliance with the above rules will not give the desired effect if a person has bad habits, he lives


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