All that is known about IPhone 14

Only two iPhone 14 models will get rid of the bangs

Now you won't need to flip the smartphone to tell by the number of cameras whether it's a regular or Pro model

According to Chinese source Mydrivers, without naming their sources, only two models in the new iPhone 14 lineup will get a screen without the famous quiff-shaped cutout.

These models will be the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which will feature a small hole for the front camera, as shown in the first renders of these devices. As for the standard version of the iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch screen, and the new model called the iPhone 14 Max, which will get a 6.5-6.7-inch screen, they will retain the bangs. This will further separate the standard models and Pro versions from each other. Now you won't have to flip the smartphone over to tell by the number of cameras whether it's a standard model or a Pro.


Only two models of iPhone 14 will get rid of the bangs

It is also reported that users who are eagerly awaiting the return of the TouchID fingerprint scanner may be disappointed, as the technology is unlikely to appear in the iPhone 14. Although, according to the survey, users want to see Face ID and Touch ID in the iPhone at the same time.


As we previously reported, Apple's supply chain company has confirmed that the iPhone 14 will do away with bangs: the necessary technical reasons for this are already in place.


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