An addicts prayer

All up in my head, a scary place to be./ A prisoner of my mind, my thoughts won't let me leave/ my chest is caving in and I feel like I can't breathe./ Waking up without my kids ain't worth waking up at all/ like trying to walk without my legs, everytime I'm gonna fall/ I'm looking at these pictures now, somehow they got so tall./ I miss those nights back when they were asleep just down the hall/ Back when life was good before I threw it all away/ and if I got to see them now I wonder what I'd say/ I feel like giving up, I can't go on another day/ there's nowhere left to fall, so I hit my knees and pray/ I pray the Lord above, can hear me when I cry/ I pray to find some truth in a world full of lies/ Lord show me how to live cause I don't wanna die/ I wanna be there daddy, but right now I'm just some guy/ I wanna tell them that I love em' and drop them off at school/ Read them bedtime stories, teach them about rules/ I wanna tell them that I'm sorry, I was such a fool/ won't you hear me Lord, there's nothing I won't do/ I wonder if they miss me, or if I'm on their mind/ I wonder they're searching for something they can't find/ Lord I'm losing time/ just give me one more chance and I promise you I'll shine/ Like a diamond in the ruff, I'll strive for nothing less/ and Lord I know it's tough but I swear I'll doy best/ their the reason I keep breathing and what pumps this blood from my chest/ I admit to you my faults, I know I've made mistakes/ I want to show them that I love them no matter what it takes/ I wake up with the shakes/ this nightmare that I been living has caused my heart to break/ they say that people change, and I am living proof/ now I'm just staring at this ceiling, looking through the roof/ waiting on God to answer and tell me what to do/ cause living life without my kids is like a never-ending flu/ I try to find some faith, I'm searching for some hope/ I lost it all back when I stumbled upon dope/ it's the only thing I know, it's the only way I cope/ but all I did was hang myself using drugs as the rope.


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